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    How to Choose a Quick Connector?

    Quick connector is a kind of coupling that can connect or disconnect pipelines without other tools. According to their applications, quick connectors can be divided into: gas quick connectors, oxy-fuel gas quick connectors, gas-liquid common quick connectors, hydraulic quick connectors, inert gas quick connectors, cooling water temperature oil quick connectors, semiconductor quick connectors, etc. How should we select such various types of quick connectors?

    Quick connectors

    How to select a quick connector?

    • Liquid type and temperature: Choose the right quick connector for the type and temperature of the fluid. The quality of its use depends largely on the type and temperature of the fluid, so special attention should be paid to the selection of the coupling. If the fluid is air, you can choose the liquid for the steel quick connector, if the fluid is liquid, then usually choose brass or stainless steel quick connector. ATO quick connector is designed for water and air.
    • Liquid pressure: In the construction of different quick connectors, to a certain extent, fluid pressure is also very important for the selection of quick connectors. The pressure resistance of quick connectors of different constructions will also be different.
    • Construction of automatic switching valve: Valve construction is divided into dual-channel switching, single-channel switching and dual-channel double-channel. In addition to the dual-channel switching type, there is also a diversion of the fluid flowing out of the pipe.
    • Use conditions: Its use effect is affected by the environment such as humidity, dust and easy corrosion degree in the working environment. Before using a quick connector, choose the type, material and sealing performance of the quick connector with the use conditions.
    • The connection thread of the quick connector must be consistent: First of all, the connection threads of the selected quick connector should be consistent. If there is inconsistency in the use of the connector manufacturer, please be sure to consult the manufacturer and professional and technical personnel.
    • Installation shape and size: According to the size of the flow volume to determine the type of coupling, also need to be equipped with the corresponding shape and size of the pipe.
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