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    Connector Buying Guide

    Connector is an indispensable electronic component in human life. For ordinary people, connector is relatively unfamiliar, but for technicians like electronic engineering, connector is something they often come into contact with. Although the role of the connector is relatively simple, the role it plays in human life is irreplaceable! So today we will introduce what is a connector, and two types of connectors, so that you can make the best choice when purchasing.

    A connector, as its name implies, has only one function, that is, "connection". It connects two isolated circuits that do not flow, or bridges the connection between blocked circuits, so that the current or signal is safe and has normal transmission!

    In fact, there is no fixed classification of connectors, but they are usually classified according to use, shape, structure and performance. Below we will introduce circular connectors and heavy-duty connectors. When you have a clear idea about it, you will know how to buy a connector.

    Circular Connector

    Circular connectorsThe circular connector is a type of connector whose basic structure is cylindrical. Generally speaking, it includes low-frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector is inherently solid and provides greater strength than any other shape. When purchasing a circular connector, you should pay attention to the characteristics and applications of circular connectors.

    Circular connector features:

    The plugs and sockets of circular connectors are mostly screwed. They have the characteristics of small size and high reliability, which can meet the needs of cable connection between electronic devices.

    Advantages and disadvantages of circular connectors:

    • Advantages: Circular connectors are ideal for applications that require electrical connectors with stronger terminals. Their cylindrical shape makes them particularly resistant to mechanical turbulence and shock damage.
    • Disadvantages: Circular surface area limits the arrangement of pins and sockets on the surface of a circular connector; connectors with rectangular faces can fit more contacts with greater and uniform spacing on a smaller surface area.

    Circular connector application:

    The cylindrical structure of circular connectors is inherently solid and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to work with standard machine tools. It is easier to seal, easy to insert and remove. Simple and firm locking mechanism.

    Heavy Duty Connector

    Heavy duty connectorHeavy-duty connectors, also known as HDC connectors, aviation plugs, are widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robots, rail transit, hot runners, electricity, automation, etc.

    The international advanced nature of heavy-duty connectors in structural design and material use makes the connectors outstanding in electrical performance. The reliability of the electrical connection system cannot be achieved by traditional connection methods.

    You need to understand the difference between heavy-duty connectors and other products and the application of heavy-duty connectors to know whether you need to buy heavy-duty connectors.

    The main difference:

    Compared with the traditional connection method, the use of heavy-duty connectors has the advantages of pre-installation, pre-wiring, and improving work efficiency.

    Industrial use:

    This new interface is widely regarded as an "industrial connector" and its application is not limited to manufacturing. This connector is designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments. Traditional connected devices provide users with several years of service guarantees in a typical office environment. However, exposing the same copper or fiber optic connectors to extreme conditions degrades performance and reliability, requiring end users to pay high maintenance costs for troubleshooting and replacement parts. A new connector is specifically designed to build a robust Ethernet connection in harsh environments. It is tougher, stronger and more resistant than previous connectors.


    It is widely used in construction machinery, textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, tobacco machinery, robots, rail transit, hot runners, electricity, automation and other equipment that require electrical and signal connections.


    1. To achieve pre-installation: It can achieve pre-installation of a large number of complex circuits, which can greatly improve the efficiency of equipment installation and reduce the rate of wiring errors.
    2. Effective utilization: Heavy-duty connectors provide highly integrated connections, and the rich combination methods maximize the effective utilization of equipment space.
    3. Convenient and efficient: The connector can realize the modular structure of each functional template block of the equipment conveniently and efficiently, so that the equipment can be transported, installed, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely. Connectors are widely used in the field of power transmission and distribution.
    4. Effective protection: The high protection level (IP65, IP68) provided by the heavy-duty connector is unparalleled for the advantages of equipment connection systems in harsh environments. It provides effective protection in harsh environments such as sand, rain, cold, ice and snow, and oil pollution.

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