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    What is a Quick Connector?

    Quick connector is a kind of coupling that can connect or disconnect pipelines without tools. the quick connector can be divided into the quick connector for air, quick connector for oxygen and fuel gas, quick connector for gas and liquid common, quick connector for oil and pressure, quick connector for inert gas, quick connector for cooling water and temperature oil, and quick connector for semiconductor. The structure of the quick connector can be divided into two-ended open and closed, two-ended open and closed, and single-way open and closed.

    garden hose quick connect

    The general classification method of quick connectors is to classify according to the industry or type of pipe fittings, which is convenient for users to find suitable joint specifications and models.

    Industry: This can be divided into quick connectors in the automated production industry, automotive industry, new energy industry, new energy battery industry, instrumentation industry, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, water heater industry, etc. Almost all industries that require tightness testing use quick connectors.

    Type of pipe fittings: Classification by fitting type is a more common method. It can be quickly matched to the appropriate quick connector model according to its own workpiece tube type. They can be divided into straight-through light pipes, gradually expanding pipes, flange pipes, flanging pipes, smooth holes, threaded holes, threaded pipes and so on. There are also many unconventional-shaped tube types available for custom sealing connection solutions.

    Features of hose quick connectors

    • Saving time and labor: When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit by the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and labor.
    • Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, the oil will not spill and protect the environment.
    • Equipment into pieces, easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be carried easily can be transported after using quick connectors, and then assembled and used after reaching the destination.
    • Economy: All the above advantages create economic value for customers.

    Quick connector functions

    • Exchange function: pneumatic pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, metal mold-related machinery appurtenances.
    • Maintenance function: cooling device of a computer, cylinder of die-casting machine maintenance and repair.
    • Testing function: testing of vacuum, pressure resistance, leakage, operation, etc.
    • Conveying function: conveying and handling of bolts, nuts and other solids as well as conducting function.
    • Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, PG, carbonic acid.
    • Connection function: fixed parts of fishing rod, pocket laser record, the connection of mobile work and use other than fluid conveying.

    The above is the introduction of quick connectors.ATO offers M-type and intubation type quick connectors in various shapes at low prices. Come and buy.

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