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    Air Line Quick Connector, M Type

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    Well sealed quick connector can connect to multiple ports in seconds. It is an M type, supply for water and air. Wear-resistant and brass construction makes quick connect fitting more durable. 03/04/06 mm input cannula diameters for selection. Air fitting quick connect is widely used for all kinds of watering equipment, such as sprinklers, sprayers, sprinklers, etc.
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    Buy an air line quick connector at a low price. It is also a water/air quick connect fitting, perfect for garden hoses, watering equipment for pressure washers, RVs, campers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, spigots, taps and other garden accessories. M-type hose connects are well sealed, and can quickly connect to the hoses without tools.


    Model ATO-KJU
    Fluid Air/Water
    Material Brass
    Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
    Operating vacuum pressure -100kPa
    Proof pressure 3.0MPa
    Ambient and fluid temperature Air:-5~60°C, Water:0~40°C
    Tubing material Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane
    Tubing O.D. Φ3, Φ3.2, Φ4, Φ6 

    Quick Connector Details

    Applicable tubing O.D (mm) Model Weight (g)
    Ø4 ATO-KJU04-M5 6.8
    ATO-KJU04-01S 9.2
    Ø6 ATO-KJU06-M5 9.4
    ATO-KJU06-01S 11.6

    Tips: What can the quick connector do?

    ATO quick connectors are widely used in the automotive industry, spare parts industry, new energy vehicles, new energy batteries, instrumentation, air conditioning and refrigeration, water heaters, industrial automation and other industries, mainly for gas tightness testing, sealing testing, industrial automation gripping and other fast sealing connections. Keep the sealed state during the test and pass air or other fluids for testing. After the test is completed, loosen the workpiece, remove the joint and prepare for the next. The next sealed connection is made.

    Quick connectors are used for industrial automated gripping, mainly with pneumatic quick contactor models, where the air joint is filled with driving air pressure, the seal expands, grips the workpiece, and performs automated gripping. After the gripping is completed, the driving air pressure is removed and the connector releases the workpiece. Return to the original position to continue the next gripping.

    There are many other advantages of the quick contactor, which need to be matched according to the actual use environment.

    Existing reviews of Air Line Quick Connector, M Type
    Perfect quick connectors
    I buy a lot of quick connectors so I can quickly swap out various end sprayers and sprinklers from my garden hose. They work very well. I am delighted with the convenience they provide for my lawn and gardening work.
    From: Mister X | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Awesome quick connectors
    If you need to connect different adapters to the hose, all hoses should be equipped with quick connectors to make the task very easy and fast. They can be used for pressure washers, electronic washing machines and garden watering.
    From: Knable | Date: 31/05/2022
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    Easily connect my hoses
    I am very happy with their value of them. I purchased these for my 1751psi pressure washer. Before I bought them, I had to hand tighten and loosen the hoses. Now with these wonderful quick connectors, I can easily connect my hoses.
    From: Mirat | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Best quick connects
    I bought these quick connectors to connect the hoses in my garden. Once installed, it was very easy to connect and disconnect the hoses. I am happy with my purchase and will be ordering more.
    From: Nunziatella | Date: 28/05/2022
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