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    Water Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type

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    Cheap water hose quick connector for sale online. The intubation type with the high-quality plastic shell is designed for water and air. Quick connect fitting has 03/04/06/23mm input cannula diameters for choice. It can be connected to the hose quickly without leakage. Quick-release coupling is suitable for various watering devices such as nozzle, sprayers, sprinklers, etc.
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    High-quality water hose quick connector is a garden hose quick connect. It is intubation type and has 03/04/06/23mm input cannula diameters. Faster connectors are quick and easy to connect and disconnect. Quick connect is perfect for garden hoses, watering equipment for pressure washers, RVs, campers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, spigots, taps and other garden accessories.


    Model ATO-KJH
    Fluid Air/Water
    Material Brass
    Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
    Operating vacuum pressure -100kPa
    Proof pressure 3.0MPa
    Ambient and fluid temperature Air:-5~60°C, Water:0~40°C
    Tubing material Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane
    Tubing O.D. Φ3, Φ3.2, Φ4, Φ6

    Quick Connector Details

    Applicable tubing O.D (mm) Model Weight (g)
    Ø3 ATO-KJH03-00 1.4
    Ø3.2 ATO-KJH23-00 1.4
    Ø4 ATO-KJH04-00 1.7
    Ø6 ATO-KJH06-00 2.5
    Ø3 Ø4 ATO-KJH03-04 1.6
    Ø3.2 Ø4 ATO-KJH23-04 1.6
    Ø4 Ø6 ATO-KJH04-06 2.2

    Tips: Quick connector functions

    • Exchange function: pneumatic pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, metal mold-related machinery appurtenances.
    • Maintenance function: cooling device of a computer, cylinder of die-casting machine maintenance and repair.
    • Testing function: testing of vacuum, pressure resistance, leakage, operation, etc.
    • Conveying function: conveying and handling of bolts, nuts and other solids as well as conducting function.
    • Filling function: inert gas, nitrogen, PG, carbonic acid.
    • Connection function: fixed parts of fishing rods and pocket laser records, connection for mobile work and uses other than fluid transfer.
    Existing reviews of Water Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type
    High quality water hose quick connector
    High quality water hose quick connector. Very light weight but very practical. I use this quick connector in my garden and it's great to have the quick connector with my hose when watering.
    From: Daye | Date: 14/07/2022
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    Happy with this purchase
    I needed these to make it easier for me to connect and run my power washer. No leaks after use. These quick connectors seem well made and durable.
    From: Decell | Date: 31/05/2022
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    Simplified hose connection
    Excellent construction makes connecting all hoses and accessories easier and faster. Now I have quick connectors for both my garden hose and power wash hose, no more twisting the hose.
    From: Trostel | Date: 30/05/2022
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    I freaking love these
    The quick connectors work well! They have a very strong brass structure, so you don't have to worry about them breaking. So far, I have not experienced any leakage.
    From: Irmak | Date: 29/05/2022
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    Exactly what I needed.
    These quick connect accessories work well. We use these quick connect fittings to connect/disconnect multiple hoses and accessories for a variety of uses in the garden. We love the ease of use and flexibility that these provide us. They are great for everyday use. I will continue to buy more from this seller.
    From: Najeh | Date: 28/05/2022
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