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    Hose Quick Connector, M Type

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    Get a well-made hose quick connector at a low price. It is also a water/air quick connect fitting, perfect for garden hoses, watering equipment for pressure washers, RVs, campers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, spigots, taps and other garden accessories. M type faster connectors are well sealed, and can quickly connect to the hoses without tools.
    SKU: ATO-QC-M02
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    Hose quick connector with 03/04/06 mm input cannula diameters is suitable for various watering devices such as nozzle, sprayers, and sprinklers. The M-type hose connects are easy to connect and disconnect without leakage, designed for water and air.


    Model ATO-KJL
    Fluid Air/Water
    Material Brass
    Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
    Operating vacuum pressure -100kPa
    Proof pressure 3.0MPa
    Ambient and fluid temperature Air:-5~60°C, Water:0~40°C
    Tubing material Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane
    Tubing O.D. Φ3, Φ3.2, Φ4, Φ6

    Quick Connector Details

     Applicable tubing O.D (mm) Model Weight (g)
    Φ3 ATO-KJL03-M3 2.1
    ATO-KJL03-M5 2.5
    ATO-KJL03-M6 2.6
    ATO-KJL03-01S 6.7
    Φ3.2 ATO-KJL23-M3 2.1
    ATO-KJL23-M5 2.5
    ATO-KJL23-M6 2.6
    ATO-KJL23-01S 6.7
    Φ4 ATO-KJL04-M3 2.2
    ATO-KJL04-M5 2.7
    ATO-KJL04-M6 2.8
    ATO-KJL04-01S 6.8
    Φ6 ATO-KJL06-M5 3.2
    ATO-KJL06-M6 3.3
    ATO-KJL06-01S 6.4

    Tips: Features of the quick connector

    • Time and labor-saving: Save time and labor when disconnecting and connecting air and water pipes through quick couplings.
    • Environmentally friendly: When the quick connector is connected and disconnected, water will not spill and protect the environment.
    • Easy to transport: Large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily portable can be transported by using quick couplings and then assembled and used after reaching the destination.
    • Economical: All the above advantages create economic value for customers.
    Existing reviews of Hose Quick Connector, M Type
    Guick connector without leaking
    These hose connects are good quality solid brass. I can connect and disconnect garden hoses quickly without leaking.
    From: Thomas P. | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Hose quick connectors works good
    So far, these well-made quick connectors have worked well. I have 4 water stations for watering vegetables and these quick connectors will be of great help when I change from nozzles to sprinklers and fertilizer sprayers.
    From: Lesslie | Date: 31/05/2022
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    Good for watering system
    I read a lot of quick connector reviews before buying and finally chose to buy these from this seller. Luckily, they work well with my garden watering system.
    From: schlereth | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Best invention for garden hoses
    They are very convenient. I purchased them for watering my garden. They can be quickly connected and disconnected in seconds. These quick connects are really cool.
    From: Rosenlof | Date: 29/05/2022
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    High quality connectors
    I purchased these quick connectors twice. I attached them to our hose so that it became much easier for me to water outdoors. It was installed and ready to use. I have used it a few times and it basically does not leak.
    From: Impellizzeri | Date: 29/05/2022
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    Actually it is easy to use
    First I bought these quick connector for quick disconnect hoses and now use them everywhere. The quick disconnects have made my job much easier. It is easy to install and use and does not leak when used.
    From: Sherwin | Date: 28/05/2022
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