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    Garden Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type

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    No tools are required for quick connector installation. Water/air quick connectors connect to hoses in seconds, reducing time and cost. Safe and pressure-resistant quick connectors have 04~16 mm input cannula diameters, suitable for RVs, campers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, spigots, taps, and other garden accessories.
    SKU: ATO-QC-I05
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    Get a perfect quick connector solution online. It can quickly connect to watering equipment and garden accessories. Well-made faster connectors feature 04~16 mm input cannula diameters and can connect and disconnect in seconds without tools. 


    Model ATO-KQ2H
    Fluid Air/Water
    Material Brass
    Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
    Operating vacuum pressure -100kPa
    Proof pressure 3.0MPa
    Ambient and fluid temperature Air:-5~60°C, Water:0~40°C
    Tubing material Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane
    Tubing O.D. Φ4, Φ6, Φ8, Φ10, Φ12, Φ16

    Quick Connector Details

    Applicable tubing O.D (mm) Model Weight (g)
    a b
    Ø4 ATO-KQ2H04-00 3
    Ø6 ATO-KQ2H06-00 4
    Ø8 ATO-KQ2H08-00 6
    Ø10 ATO-KQ2H10-00 11
    Ø12 ATO-KQ2H12-00 14
    Ø16 ATO-KQ2H16-00 24
    Ø4 Ø6 ATO-KQ2H04-06 5
    Ø6 Ø8 ATO-KQ2H06-08 6
    Ø8 Ø10 ATO-KQ2H08-10 11
    Ø10 Ø12 ATO-KQ2H10-12 14
    Ø12 Ø16 ATO-KQ2H12-16 47

    Tips: What are the types of quick connectors?

    Quick connectors are divided into air type, gas type,gas-liquid type, inert gas type, etc.

    • Air quick connectors are mainly used for quick installation of air pipelines, and connector fittings for pneumatic tools.
    • Gas quick connectors are mainly used for general fuse piping, with high flow, durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Quick connectors for gases and liquids are mainly used for piping of ion cooling devices, brewing devices, cutting oil piping of working machines, and car wash machines. It is connected by a simple lever operation and can convey liquids, gases, powders, etc.
    • The inert gas quick connector is to be used for evacuation piping and compressor pressure test. The sleeve and plug have built-in automatic switching valves suitable for vacuum use, and a vacuum of 1.3×10Pa can be maintained in the separated state.
    Existing reviews of Garden Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type
    Fantastic so far
    These products did what I wanted them to do. This is my second purchase of these quick connectors. We have converted all of our hoses, faucets and fittings for easy connection.
    From: Borge | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Good for hoses
    These quick-release accessories are great and seem to be able to withstand temperature and seasonal variations. So I bought enough quick connectors to replace all of them. Now the water pipes can be opened and closed easily without leakage!
    From: Stemmler | Date: 29/05/2022
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