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    Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type

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    Affordable hose quick connector with 03/04/06 mm input cannula diameters is available. It is an intubation type, designed for RVs, campers, faucets, lawn sprinklers, spigots, taps and other garden accessories. Strong plastic shell makes the quick connector more smooth and wear-resistant.
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    Best price quick connector for sale online. It is available with 03/04/06 mm input cannula diameters. Hose quick connector can quickly connect to the end of hoses, widely use for all kinds of watering equipment, such as sprinklers, sprayers, sprinklers, etc.


    Model ATO-KJT
    Fluid Air/Water
    Material Brass
    Maximum operating pressure 1.0MPa
    Operating vacuum pressure -100kPa
    Proof pressure 3.0MPa
    Ambient and fluid temperature Air:-5~60°C, Water:0~40°C
    Tubing material Nylon, Soft nylon, Polyurethane
    Tubing O.D. Φ3, Φ3.2, Φ4, Φ6

    Quick Connector Details

    Applicable tubing O.D (mm) Model Weight (g)
    Ø3 ATO-KJT03-00 2.5
    Ø3.2 ATO-KJT23-00 2.6
    Ø4 ATO-KJT04-00 3
    Ø6 ATO-KJT06-00 4.6

    Tips: Advantages of quick contactor

    1. The quick connector does not need hot welding, spot glue, no hand screwing nut, only one hand can complete the sealing connection, more pneumatic quick connector solution, integrated automatic airtightness test, and high efficiency.
    2. It is easy to install and operate. The operator only needs to hold the joint, press, or pneumatic drive to align the tubing and seal instantly.
    3. Fast connector with good sealing, safety and reliability, and good stability, to ensure the accuracy of airtightness test data.
    4. ATO quick connector can be connected to a variety of pipe types, straight pipe, threaded pipe, flange pipe, turn over the pipe, gradually expanded pipe, pagoda head, etc.
    5. It is made of wear-resistant brass and a high-quality plastic shell.
    Existing reviews of Hose Quick Connector, Intubation Type
    Great value for the money
    Low price quick connectors can be used for electric pressure washers, pressure washer hoses, pressure washer guns, and garden hoses and spouts that connect to my garden hoses. Hopefully, they will last a long time.
    From: Ziemba | Date: 30/05/2022
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    Would buy more
    I can say that the quick connector is my helper. It is widely used in my garden hose. In fact, one is not enough and I plan to buy several more. These quick couplings are great quality! Easy to connect and disconnect. No leaks and looks great. Better than all other products I have purchased in the past.
    From: Zaalia | Date: 28/05/2022
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