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    PV Combiner Box Price List

    At its core, a PV Combiner Box is a central hub within a solar power system designed to consolidate the outputs of multiple solar panels. This consolidation serves the purpose of streamlining the power flow before it reaches the inverter, where the DC electricity is converted into AC for use in homes, businesses, or integration into the electrical grid.

    To help you can better choose the right PV converter box, you can check the price list compiled by

    PV Combiner Box Price List

    Product Name SKU DC Inputs Number Price
    2 String PV Combiner Box ATO-PVCB-2S 2 $382.89 
    4 String PV Combiner Box ATO-PVCB-4S 4 $436.66 
    6 String PV Combiner Box ATO-PVCB-6S 6 $569.13 
    8 String PV Combiner Box ATO-PVCB-8S 8 $660.72 
    12 String PV Combiner Box ATO-PVCB-12 12 $822.46 

    Note: The above price list is for reference only. For bulk purchase or discount, please come to contact us.

    PV Combiner Box Advantage

    • String Consolidation: PV Combiner Boxes excel in consolidating the outputs of multiple solar panels into a single DC output. By organizing and streamlining the power flow, these boxes facilitate a more efficient transfer of energy to the inverter, optimizing the overall performance of the solar power system.
    • Overcurrent Protection: Equipped with overcurrent protection devices such as fuses or circuit breakers, PV Combiner Boxes ensure that each string of solar panels is safeguarded against overloads or faults. This proactive protection mechanism prevents damage to the system components, enhancing the system's longevity and reliability.
    • Surge Protection: One of the critical advantages of PV Combiner Boxes is their integration of surge protection devices. These devices shield the solar panels and connected equipment from voltage surges and potential damage caused by lightning strikes. By redirecting excess voltage to the ground, PV Combiner Boxes contribute to the robustness of the entire solar power system.
    • Enhanced Safety with DC Disconnect: PV Combiner Boxes feature a DC disconnect switch, a crucial safety element that allows service personnel to isolate the DC side of the system during maintenance or emergency situations. This ensures a safe working environment by preventing exposure to live DC voltages.
    • Monitoring Capabilities: Advanced PV Combiner Boxes often come with built-in monitoring and communication features. These capabilities enable real-time monitoring of individual strings or panels, empowering users to identify and address issues promptly. Proactive monitoring enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the solar power system.
    • Durable Enclosure: The robust and weather-resistant enclosure of PV Combiner Boxes protects internal components from environmental factors like rain, dust, and UV radiation. This durability ensures that the combiner box operates optimally even in challenging conditions, contributing to the long-term reliability of the solar installation.
    • Effective Grounding: Proper grounding is paramount in any electrical system, and PV Combiner Boxes provide grounding points to ensure the safe grounding of the system. This minimizes the risk of electrical faults, enhances system safety, and contributes to the overall reliability of the solar power system.
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