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    6 String PV Combiner Box

    Order a quality 6 string PV combiner box for the solar system. It features an anti-reverse diode, MCCB circuit breaker, DC fuse, surge protection device, and 6 in 1 out. Solar panel combiner boxes can work for PV grid-tie inverters and off-grid inverters.
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    Buy 6 string DC combiner box from a quality solar combiner box manufacturer. It can ensure electrical safety, simplify wiring, and provide overcurrent protection, and surge protection. 6 in 1 out PV combiner box is suitable for residential, commercial and other applications.


    • Model: ATO-FU-CB-6
    • Number of DC Inputs: 6
    • Material of Box: Coated lron
    • Protection Level: IP65/IP66
    • Certification: CE
    • IK Impact Resisstance Class: IK08
    • Max Rated Voltage DC: 1000V
    • DC Fuse: 15A (Recommend 15A, support other ampere)
    • Fuse Holder: 1000V DC 30A
    • DC Breaker: 100A
    • Surge Protection DC: Type II In=20KA, Imax=40KA, Ucpv=1000V DC
    • Over-Voltage Category: Cat II
    • Diode for The Function of Anti-Reflux: Build in
    • Connection Type DC Input: PG09, IP68
    • Input Cable Size for Negative and Positive: φ4-8mm
    • Number of DC Outputs: 1 (Support customize for output number)
    • Connection Type DC Output: PG13.5
    • Gland Connectors: Material: Nylon Plastic, Seals: Nitrile Rubber Buna, IP68
    • Ambient Temperature Range/Humidity: Temperature: -20℃~+60℃, Humidity: 0~99%
    • Altitude: ≤2000m. Derating for above 2000m.
    • Installation: Wall Mounting/Padlockable Latch

    *Note: This PV combiner box has 6 parallel inputs and 1 output.


    • 6 string PV combiner box is waterproof and dust-proof.
    • PV convergence, current anti-reverse protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection and anti-theft lock.
    • DC combiner box can work for PV grid-tie inverters and off-grid inverters.


    PV combiner box description


    Photovoltaic (PV) combiner boxes are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for solar installations, enabling efficient consolidation of PV panel outputs and simplifying the wiring. These combiner boxes are also utilized in the agricultural sector for powering irrigation systems and agricultural infrastructure.

    PV combiner box applications

    Tips: What components are usually included in a pv combiner box?

    • Enclosure: The combiner box is housed in an enclosure that protects the internal components from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
    • Circuit Breakers or Fuses: Overcurrent protection devices such as circuit breakers or fuses are often incorporated into the combiner box. These devices help prevent excessive current from damaging the solar panels and other electrical components in the system.
    • Surge Protection Devices (SPDs): SPDs are designed to protect the PV system from voltage surges caused by lightning or other electrical disturbances. They help divert the excess energy to the ground, safeguarding the system from damage.
    • Diodes: Diodes are used to prevent reverse current flow in the system. They ensure that the electricity generated by each solar panel or string flows in the desired direction and prevents power loss due to shading or mismatched panels.
    • Disconnect Switches: Disconnect switches allow for the isolation of the combiner box and the PV system from the grid or other power sources. They are used during maintenance or emergency situations to de-energize the system for safe working conditions.

    It's important to note that the specific components included in a PV combiner box can vary based on the system design, size, and the manufacturer's specifications. It is always recommended to refer to the product documentation or consult a professional for accurate information about a specific combiner box.

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