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    Power Meter Plug, Power Usage Monitor

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    The power meter plug features an easy to read LCD display providing accurate voltage, current, power and energy readings in real time. ATO power meter socket is the perfect tool for monitoring and measuring the power consumption of your home or office equipment.
    SKU: ATO-PM-VA084
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    The inexpensive power meter plug  comes with a maximum current of 16A and a load of 3680W. The power usage monitor is a convenient and reliable solution for saving energy and reducing electricity bills.


    • Model: ATO-PM-VA084
    • Power Supply: 230V50Hz
    • Load: 16A, 3680 W
    • Power Display: 0.1W
    • Power Measurement Accuracy: +/-2% or +/-2W (0~100 W), +/-2% (100~350 W)
    • Power Accuracy: +/-2%
    • Power Resolution: 0.01kWh
    • Range: 0.00~9999.9kWh
    • Price Range: 0.00~9999
    • Weight: 240g


    • The power meter plug has a shock-proof door to avoid the risk of contact by inserting fingers or small objects.
    • LCD display socket power meter with data clear function, press and hold mode for 5 seconds will clear kwh, price and cost.
    • Power usage monitor is made of flame-retardant engineering plastic and is flame retardant at high temperatures.


    A plug-in power meter is a device that can be used to measure the electricity consumption of any electronic device or appliance that is plugged into a power outlet. ATO plug power meter is suitable for various charging devices, such as refrigerators, mobile phones, iPads, computer heaters, electric blankets, etc.

    Power usage monitor applications

    Tips: How does a power meter plug work?

    A power meter plug is an electrical device that measures the energy consumption of an appliance or device connected to it. It works by connecting to a power outlet and then plugging the appliance into the power meter plug. The device will then measure the amount of electricity used by the appliance, including the voltage, current, and power factor.

    The power meter plug usually has a digital display or an app that shows the real-time electricity consumption, and some may also display the cost of electricity consumed. It is useful for monitoring the energy usage of individual devices and identifying energy-efficient appliances or behaviors.

    Existing reviews of Power Meter Plug, Power Usage Monitor
    Perfect power meter plug
    This power meter plug has been a great addition to my smart home setup. It's so convenient to be able to monitor and control my devices remotely, especially when I'm away from home. The plug's scheduling and timer features are also incredibly useful for automating my lights and other electronics.
    From: Aiden | Date: 08/03/2023
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