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    Plug in Digital Watt Meter, 7 Modes Display

    Buy an affordable digital watt meter for calculating energy consumption costs, offering a choice of socket types. The electricity monitor has a power metering function and 7 display modes for measuring voltage, frequency, current, power factor, wattage, minimum and maximum power.
    SKU: ATO-PM-VA086
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    The digital watt meter socket has a large LCD display, power failure storage, built-in high precision current sensor and overload protection. ATO watt meter plug is safe and accurate to use, helping customers to reduce their electricity bills and emissions.


    • Model: ATO-PW-VA086
    • Working Voltage: 230V 50 Hz for EU/UK/AU plugs, 120V 60 Hz for US plugs
    • Working Current: Max. 16 A
    • Wide Voltage Range: 230V-250V for EU/UK/AU plugs, 110V to 130V for US plugs
    • Timing Display Range: 0 seconds - 9999 days
    • Wattage Display: 0W - 3680W
    • Voltage Display Range: 0V-9999V
    • Current Display: 0.0-16.0 A
    • Frequency Display: 0 Hz-9999 Hz
    • Minimum Wattage Display Range: 0.0W-3680W
    • Maximum Wattage Display Range: 0.0W-3680W
    • Price Display Range: 0.000kWh-99.99kWh
    • Total kWh and Cost Display: 0.000kWh-9999kWh
    • Weight: 240g


    • 7 Display modes, transmitted by pressing the "Function" button.
    • Clear LCD display, easy to read, with overload warning.
    • The electricity usage monitor has a built-in 3.6V rechargeable battery to store power and save settings.
    • ATO digital watt meter is a monitoring and testing instrument which determines the cost of power consumption and power consumption of connected devices.
    • Power consumption meter can be used to measure voltage, frequency, current, power factor, wattage, minimum and maximum power, record accumulated kWh, time, date and electricity bill.

    Socket Types

    Plug power meter socket type


    A power consumption meter is a device that can be used to measure the electricity consumption of any electronic device or appliance that is plugged into a power outlet. ATO plug power meter is suitable for various charging devices, such as refrigerators, mobile phones, iPads, computer heaters, electric blankets, etc.

    Plug in power meter applications

    Tips: How accurate are plug-in power meters?

    The accuracy of plug-in power meters can vary depending on the brand, model, and type. Generally, most power meters have an accuracy range of +/- 1% to 5% of the measured value. Some of the more expensive models may have higher accuracy rates. It's essential to check the specifications of the meter before purchasing and to calibrate it periodically to ensure accurate readings. Also, the accuracy of the meter can be affected by factors such as the quality of the electrical circuitry, fluctuations in the power supply, and the type of load being measured.

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