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    Magnetic Flow Meter for Sewage Water/Wastewater, DN15-DN200

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    Magnetic flow meter or electromagnetic meters for all conductive liquids like wastewater/sewage water, nominal diameter DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN50, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200 for choice, supply voltage 110V AC, 220V AC or 24V DC, output signal 4-20mA, flange mounting, with integral and remote structure design, small pressure loss, high precision and reliability, good compatible with all kinds of pipes, etc.
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    Electromagnetic flowmeters/ magnetic flow meters with DN15~DN200 are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as domestic water, industrial water, raw water, ground water, urban sewage, industrial wastewater, the processed neutral pulp, pulp slurry, etc.


    Model ATO-LDG
    Medium Conductivity fluid (≥5uS/cm)
    Nominal Diameter * DN15~DN200
    Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
    Velocity Range 0~10m/s
    Accuracy ±0.5%R
    Configuration Integral type or split type
    Note: The main difference between integral and split flowmeters is temperature and pressure compensation. The split type is to install the flowmeter and temperature/pressure transmitter separately, and the integral type is to install the temperature/pressure transmitter integratedly.
    Highest Medium Temperature Integral type +80°C
    Split type +80℃ (CR) or +120℃ (F4)
    Turn-down Ratio Integral type 20:1
    Split type 10:1
    Ambient Temperature Sensor -25℃~+180℃
    Convertor -10℃~+60℃
    Liner Materials * Chloroprene rubber (CR) or Polytetrafluoroethylene (F4)
    (Customized materials: Polyurethane rubber PU, F46)
    Electrode Material * Stainless steel 316L
    (Customized electrode: Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum)
    Form of Electrode Interpolating
    Number of Electrode Standard configuration 3-4 electrodes (two measuring electrodes plus a grounding electrode)
    Output Signal 4-20mA
    Cable Entry Size M20 × 1.5 (Nylon waterproof connector)
    Supply Voltage* 110V/220V AC, 50Hz/60Hz; 24V DC ±10%
    Power Dissipation ≤15VA
    Communication RS-485, support standard Modbus-RTU protocol
    Flange Standard Conform to the international GB9119
    Flange Material Carbon steel
    Grounding Ring Material Stainless steel
    Housing Material Carbon steel
    Protection Level IP65
    Cable Length (Remote Type) 10m connecting line (Standard)

    *Please note that all the options may not listed in the selecting area, including the nominal diameter, liner materials, electrode materials and so on. If your have any requirements, please contact us.
    *For more information, please check the Magnetic Flow Meter User Manual.

    Mag Flowmeter Flow Rate

    Magnetic Flow Meter DN and Flow Rate Table

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)
    Magnetic flowmeter flange configuration dimensions

    DN a ∅D ∅Do n∅A
    15 200 95 65 4*14
    20 200 105 75 4*14
    25 200 115 85 4*14
    32 200 140 100 4*18
    40 200 150 110 4*18
    50 200 165 145 4*18
    65 250 185 145 8*18
    80 250 200 160 8*18
    100 250 220 180 8*18
    125 250 250 210 8*18
    150 300 285 240 8*22
    200 350 340 295 8*22


    Electromagnetic flow meter applicationsTips: What is an electromagnetic flow meter? What are the characteristics?

    A magnetic flowmeter or electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, to measure the flow rate of a conductive fluid by the electromotive force induced by the conductive fluid going through an external magnetic field. The structure of the magnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring conduit, electrodes, housing, liner, and converter.

    Magnetic Flowmeter Features:
    1. The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.
    2. There is no component to obstruct the flow in the measuring tube without pressure loss and with low requirement for the straight pipe section.
    3. If choosing reasonable sensor lining and electrode material, the magnetic flowmeter will has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
    4. The converter uses a novel excitation method, featuring low power consumption, zero point stability, high accuracy.
    5. The converter can be integrated with the sensor, i.e. integral type or be separated from the sensor, i.e. remote type.
    6. The sensor’s induced voltage signal is linearly related to the average flow velocity, so the measurement accuracy is high.

    Existing reviews of Magnetic Flow Meter for Sewage Water/Wastewater, DN15-DN200
    We would like to know if this flow meter can work properly under pressures higher than atmospheric pressure
    What we found is that the flow meter displays a much lower flowrate number when it is connected behind a pump. So, we would like to know if this flow meter can work properly under pressures higher than atmospheric pressure.
    From: Jackson | Date: 03/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, the flow meter is connected to the back of the pump, the pump will have pressure loss, and the overall pressure in the pipeline will drop, so the flow meter displays a much lower flowrate number.

    When installing, please try to make the straight pipe between the pump and the flowmeter as long as possible, about half a meter would be better. This flow meter can work normally at pressures above atmospheric pressure.
    Best magnetic flow meter I've ever used
    This is the best magnetic flow meter I've ever used. Not only is it affordable, but most importantly, it performs well. I have been using this magnetic flow meter for five months without any problems.
    From: Glenny | Date: 03/11/2022
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    This mag flow meter works perfect.
    Bought this magnetic flow meter for measuring the wastewater, and it was mounted easily with flange. The split type is really convenient for me to operate this item and measure the wastewater. Works perfect.
    From: Johnson | Date: 23/10/2018
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