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    Vortex Flow Meter for Liquid/Gas/Steam, DN15-DN300

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    Low cost vortex meter can measure the flow rate of liquids, gases and steam, applicable pipe size from DN15 to DN300. High accuracy vortex flowmeter has fully isolated design, optional LCD display for direct data reading, selectable various signal output like pulse output, 4-20mA output and RS485 communication, as well as integrated pressure / temperature compensation for precise compressor air or steam measurement. With clamp or flange connection and power by Li-ion battery, the vortex meter is easy to install, low-maintenance, reliable and safe.
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    Cost-effective yet reliable vortex flow meters are suitable for pipe sizes from DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 to DN300, applicable for liquids (water, high temperature water, chemical liquid, gasoline, etc.), gases (natural gas, compressed air, etc.), and saturated, superheated steam.


    Model ATO-LUGB
    Measuring Media Liquids, gases, steam
    Line Size * DN15-DN300
    Accuracy Gas (uncompensated): DN15-DN25 ±1.5%, DN32-DN200 ±1.0%, DN250-DN300 ±1.5%
    Liquid (uncompensated):DN15-DN300 ±1.0%
    With integrated temperature and pressure compensation: DN25-DN300 ±1.5%
    Pressure Resistance Class For Clamp connection: DN15-DN25 4.0Mpa, DN65-DN100 2.5Mpa, Over DN125 1.6Mpa
    For Flange connection: DN15-DN50 2.5Mpa, DN65-DN300 1.6Mpa
    Range Ratio 1:8~1:30
    Medium Temperature -40℃ ~ +260℃ (for higher temperatures contact us)
    Power Supply 24V DC±5%, Li-ion battery (3.6V DC)
    Compensation Mode * Temperature compensation, pressure compensation, or integrated temperature and pressure compensation (Optional)
    Display * LCD display (Optional)
    Output Signal * Frequency, or 4-20mA
    Communication Interface * RS485 (Optional)
    Connection * Clamp, or Flange connection
    Body Material 316 stainless steel
    Protection Class IP65
    Ambient Temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃

    Flow Range

    Diameter Nominal (mm) Liquid Gas
    Flow Range (m3/h) Frequency Range (Hz) Flow Range (m3/h) Frequency Range (Hz)
    15 0.3~5  35~450 4~20 300~1600
    20 0.6~10 29~380 6~30 230~1200
    25 1.2~16 25~320 8~55 170~1100
    32 1.8~20 18~200 10~120 100~1180
    40 2~40 10~190 27~205 130~1040
    50 3~60 8~150 35~380 94~920
    65 4~85 6~120 60~640 90~910
    80 6.5~130 4.1~82 86~1100 55~690
    100 15~220 4.7~69 133~1700 42~536
    125 20~350 3.2~57 150~2000 38~475
    150 30~450 2.8~43 347~4000 33~380
    200 45~800 2~31 560~8000 22~315
    250 65~1250 1.5~25 890~11000 18~221
    300 95~2000 1.2~24 1360~18000 16~213


    Vortex Flow Meter Dimension Drawing

    Vortex Flow Meter Dimensions

    Note: This vortex flowmeter has 3 types of pillars a, b, c, with different sizes. You can check the height of the entire meter corresponding to the H superscript in the table above.
    For the height of vortex flow meter with 150℃ sensor without compensation, see H superscript “c”; for the vortex flow meter with 150℃ sensor with compensation, see H superscript “b”; for the vortex flow meter with 260℃ sensor, see H superscript “b”; for the vortex flow meter with 300℃ sensor, see H superscript “a”.

    Existing reviews of Vortex Flow Meter for Liquid/Gas/Steam, DN15-DN300
    Could you please give us a recommend?
    We’ve checked every option in the model section but it’s not suitable for us.

    Could you please recommend one that compatible with oxygen gas, 4-20mA signal outlet and flow range degree bigger than 0-4200 lpm?
    From: Edwin | Date: 23/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    We recommend using Vortex Flow Meter, SKU: ATO-FLOW-VOR
    Very accurate
    I used this DN15-DN300 vortex flow meter to measure the flow of water in the pipeline, and its measurement results are very accurate. I would recommend this product.
    From: Kaitlyn | Date: 22/08/2021
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