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    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter for Water/Oil, DN4-DN200

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    Low price turbine flow meter can be used for liquid flow measurement such as water and oil in the pipe size of DN4 ~ DN200 mm, 1.0%R measuring accuracy, 24V DC power supply, threaded or flange connection. Optional 4-20mA signal output and LCD display instantaneous flow / accumulative flow, RS485 also available. High accuracy, and good repeatability, best turbine flow meter for petroleum, chemical and other industries.
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    The liquid turbine flow meter is used to measure the flow rate of low viscosity liquid in closed pipe ranging from DN4 to DN200 mm. With the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance, the turbine flowmeter is widely applied in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply, paper and other industries.


    Model ATO-LWGY
    Measuring Medium liquid (water, liquefied petroleum gas, refined oil, light crude oil, organic liquid, inorganic liquid and other liquid without fiber, particulate impurities)
    Medium Viscosity < 5 × 10-6 m2/s (for the liquid with more than 5 × 10-6 m2/s, the flowmeter needs to be calibrated before using.)
    Nominal Diameter * DN4 ~ DN200 mm
    Measurement Accuracy 1.0%R (For higher accuracy 0.5%R / 0.2%R, please contact us.)
    Pressure Range  6.3MPa, 2.5MPa, 1.6MPa
    Medium Temperature -20 ℃ ~ +120 ℃ (stainless steel measuring tube)
    Environmental Conditions Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
    Relative humidity: 5% to 95%
    Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
    Power Supply 24V DC
    Output Signal * three-wire pulse output, or two-wire 4-20mA output (Optional)
    Display * LCD screen, can display instantaneous flow / accumulative flow (Optional)
    Connection Threaded connection (DN4~DN40)
    Flange connection (DN50 ~ DN200)
    Communication * RS485 (Optional)
    Protection Class IP65 (IP68 can be customized)

    Flow Range

    Size (mm) Flow Range (m3/h) Pressure Range Connection
    DN4 0.04 ~ 0.4 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN6 0.1 ~ 0.6 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN10 0.2 ~ 1.2 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN15 0.6 ~ 6 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN20 0.8 ~ 8 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN25 1 ~ 10 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN32 1.5 ~ 15 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN40 2 ~ 20 6.3MPa Threaded
    DN50 4 ~ 40 2.5MPa Flange
    DN65 7 ~ 70 1.6MPa Flange
    DN80 10 ~ 100 1.6MPa Flange
    DN100 20 ~ 200 1.6MPa Flange
    DN125 25 ~ 250 1.6MPa Flange
    DN150 30 ~ 300 1.6MPa Flange
    DN200 80 ~ 800 1.6MPa Flange


    Turbine Flow Meter Dimensions

    Size (mm) L (mm) G (inch) K (mm) d (mm) n (number of holes)
    DN4 225 G1/2"
    DN6 225 G1/2"
    DN10 345 G1/2"
    DN15 75 G1" Ф65 Ф14 4
    DN20 80 G1" Ф75 Ф14 4
    DN25 100 G5/4" Ф85 Ф14 4
    DN32 140 G2" Ф100 Ф14 4
    DN40 140 G2" Ф110 Ф18 4
    DN50 150 G5/2" Ф125 Ф18 4
    DN65 170 Ф145 Ф18 4
    DN80 200 Ф160 Ф18 8
    DN100 220 Ф180 Ф18 8
    DN125 250 Ф210 Ф18 8
    DN150 300 Ф240 Ф22 8
    DN200 360 Ф295 Ф22 12

    Tips: Turbine Flow Meter Working Principle

    When the fluid passes through the sensor of the turbine flow meter through the pipe, the impeller in the sensor rotates under the impulse of the fluid. The impeller changes the magneto-resistance in the magneto-electric induction system periodically, so that the magnetic flux through the coil changes periodically and produces the electric pulse signal. After the circuit amplification processing, the output has a certain amplitude of the continuous rectangular pulse, the field can directly display the measured flow, or the signal can be transmitted to the display instrument or communication output.

    Precautions for turbine flowmeter installation and use

    1. The turbine flow meter should be away from external electric and magnetic fields.
    2. The upstream end of the flowmeter is recommended to keep at least 10D straight pipe segment (D is the nominal diameter of the pipeline), and the downstream end is not less than 5D straight pipe segment.
    3. When there are impurities in the fluid, filter should be added.
    4. At the beginning of the use of the turbine flowmeter, the flow sensor should be slowly filled with liquid, and then the outlet valve should be opened. It is strictly prohibited for the sensor to be impacted by high-speed fluid when it is in the state of no liquid.

    Existing reviews of Liquid Turbine Flow Meter for Water/Oil, DN4-DN200
    The medium I am measuring is water.
    The medium I am measuring is water. The planned flow range is 0.05-1.5 GPM, but I can accept smaller flows within this range. I work in a non-hazardous area and do not need to maintain sanitation. So can I use this flow meter?
    From: Eilijah | Date: 12/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The flow range is 0.05-1.5GPM, since this range is too small, we do Not recommend using our flow meter.
    Is the DN4 liquid turbine flow meter rated for vacuum?
    Is the DN4 liquid turbine flow meter rated for vacuum?
    From: David | Date: 08/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Sorry, our liquid turbine flow meter does not have a vacuum level. To recommend a suitable model we also need to know: What medium do you want to measure? What is the flow range? What is the specific working environment?
    Could you provide some guidance on this flowmeter with different pressures?
    I found the flowmeter displays different numbers with different pressures. I suppose the flowmeter can display the same number no matter what the working pressure is. Is that true? Could you provide some guidance on this flowmeter with different pressures?
    From: Womin | Date: 03/03/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, any gas, the same pipeline, the flow rate will change with the change of pressure. Unfortunately, we do Not provide this flowmeter  amount of change in flow data corresponding to each pressure.
    Satisfied with LCD display
    I've been using this liquid turbine flow meter for three months. I am very satisfied with the LCD display on the flow meter, so that I can easily know the accurate data. I will order more.
    From: Eambay | Date: 01/11/2022
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    Sturdy flow meter
    I use this flow meter to fill the RV fresh water tank. It works great. It is sturdy and when I use it I ensure that I support where the hose connects to the unit. Overall a nice item to measure volume delivered.
    From: Mar | Date: 30/06/2022
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    Liquid turbine flow meters for water/oil can save costs
    For the first time shopping online, this liquid turbine flowmeter can save energy and greatly reduce the cost of use. This is a very pleasant shopping experience, and I will continue to buy it if needed in the future.
    From: Brunom | Date: 29/07/2021
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