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    Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter, DN65-DN1000

    Thermal gas mass flow meter with digital design at affordable price for sale online. The response speed of gas mass flow meter is 1s. Structure form of this flow meter is plug-in type. Thermal gas mass flowmeter widely used in cement plant, glass factory and water treatment.
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    The thermal gas mass flow meter is an instrument to measure the gas flow by the principle of thermal diffusion. Convenient installation and low maintenance cost. Thermal gas mass flow meter adopts a variety of signals to achieve automation.


    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • Good seismic performance and long service life.
    • No temperature and pressure compensation is required for gas flow measurement.
    • RS485 communication or HART communication, can achieve factory automation, integration.


    Model ATO-SUP-MF
    Structural Form plug-in type
    Measuring Medium common steady state gas
    Pipe Diameter Range DN65-DN1000
    Velocity Range 0.1-100 Nm/s
    Accuracy ±2.5%
    Working Temperature sensor: -40 ℃ ~ 300 ℃; converter: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
    Pressure ≤2.5 MPa
    Power Supply AC 220V; DC 24V
    Response Speed 1s
    Output Signal 4-20 mA, RS485
    Alarm 1-2 normally open contacts
    Display liquid crystal display
    Sensor Material stainless steel
    Level of Protection IP65

    Dimension: (Unit: mm)

    Thermal gas mass flow meter dimension

    Port Size A B
    DN65-DN200 431mm 250mm
    DN200-DN500 551mm 370mm
    DN500-DN1000 811mm 630mm

    Tips: Advantages of Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter

    • It is convenient and accurate to measure gas flow without temperature and pressure compensation.
    • Compared with the general measuring equipment, the gas flowmeter has good seismic performance and long service life. The sensor has no moving parts and pressure sensing parts, and is not affected by vibration on the measurement accuracy.
    • Easy installation and maintenance. If site conditions permit, it can be installed and maintained without stopping production.
    • Digital design. Overall digital circuit measurement, accurate measurement, easy to maintain.
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