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    Wall Mounted Decibel Meter, 30 to 130dB

    Good quality wall mounted decibel meter for sale online. It is a digital sound level meter with a 30 to 130dB measurement range that can be used to mount on a wall or other fixed surface to monitor sound levels continuously.
    SKU: ATO-WMDM-525
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    Low-cost wall mounted decibel meter with a 30 to 130dB measurement range, 4 styles of noise level meter for selection, widely used in industrial facilities, offices, schools, hospitals and public places.


    Model ATO-SW525A ATO-SW525B ATO-SW525G ATO-SW526A
    Light Red Red Green Red
    Measuring Range 30~130dB
    Accuracy +1.5dB (In Standard Sound: 94dB@1KHz)
    Frequency Range 31.5 Hz~8.5 KHz
    Frequency Weighting A
    Response Time Fast
    Microphone 6mm Capacitance Microphone
    Display 3 Digits Display
    Resolution 0.1dB (30.0~99.9), 1dB (100~130)
    Alarm Reminder (Sound+ Display) Yes
    Alarm Output Yes
    Storage Function No 2 secs/times, Can be Stored for 1 Year Support SD Card Expansion
    Communication No via USB Cable No
    Power Supply DCSV 1A Micro USB Outlet DC 5V 2A
    Operating Conditions 0~40℃, 10%~80%RH
    Storage Conditions -10~60°C,10%~70%RH
    Dimensions 210x130x28mm 400x230x34.5mm
    Weight 453g 1422g

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Wall mounted decibel meter dimensions


    Wall mounted decibel meter details


    Wall mounted decibel meter applications

    Tips: Advantages of Wall-Mounted Decibel Meter

    • Accurate and Reliable Measurements: Wall-mounted decibel meters are designed to provide precise and reliable measurements of sound levels. They use sensitive microphones and advanced technology to ensure accurate readings, making them ideal for environments where accurate noise monitoring is crucial.
    • Continuous Monitoring: These meters can be left in place for continuous monitoring of sound levels. They are often used in industrial settings, construction sites, and laboratories where constant monitoring of noise levels is necessary to maintain safety standards and comply with regulations.
    • Space-saving and Convenient: Wall-mounting the decibel meter eliminates the need for additional floor or desk space, making them an ideal choice for areas where space is limited. They can be easily mounted on walls or panels, allowing for convenient installation and ensuring they stay securely in place.
    • Visual Display: Most wall-mounted decibel meters feature clear and easy-to-read visual displays. This allows users to quickly assess sound levels at a glance, providing instant feedback on noise levels in the environment.
    • Data Logging and Analysis: Many wall-mounted decibel meters have built-in data logging capabilities. They can record sound level data over time, allowing for analysis and trend monitoring. This is particularly useful in environments where long-term noise exposure needs to be evaluated or when tracking noise levels during specific periods.
    • Alarms and Notifications: Advanced wall-mounted decibel meters may have alarm features that can be set to trigger when sound levels exceed certain thresholds. This helps alert users when noise levels reach potentially hazardous or disruptive levels.
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