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    Digital Sound Level Meter, 35dB to 135dB

    High precision digital decibel meter with a clear LCD display, designed for measuring 35 to 135dB sound level. The provided small sound level meter is easy to use and carry, suitable for industrial facilities, offices, schools, hospitals and public places.
    SKU: ATO-DSLM-961
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    Mini digital decibel meter for sale online. It is a highly sensitive sound level meter that can monitor sound levels continuously from 35 to 135 dB. Portable, low price, and good quality, commonly used for factories, office buildings and conference rooms.


    • Model: ATO-UA961
    • Noise Measurement Range: 35~135dB
    • Frequency Response: 31.5Hz~8kHz
    • Noise Accuracy: ±2.0dB
    • Resolution: 0.1dB
    • Temperature Measurement Range: -20°C~70°C/-4°F~158°F
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.5°C/2.7°F
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1
    • Size: 144*56*33.5mm
    • Weight: 73g


    Digital sound level meter dimension


    Digital sound level meter details


    Digital sound level meter application

    Tips: What is a digital sound level meter?

    A Digital Sound Level Meter (SLM) is a specialized electronic device designed to measure and quantify sound levels in the environment. It serves as a valuable tool for professionals in fields such as acoustics, environmental science, occupational safety, and engineering. Unlike traditional analog sound level meters, digital SLMs employ advanced technology to provide precise and accurate measurements.

    The key components of a digital sound level meter include a microphone for capturing sound waves, an analog-to-digital converter to convert the analog signal into a digital format, and a microprocessor for processing and displaying the results. These meters typically measure sound levels in decibels (dB), with some models offering various weighting filters to account for the frequency sensitivity of the human ear.

    Digital SLMs often feature a digital display that shows real-time sound levels, as well as additional functionalities such as data logging, storage, and the ability to analyze frequency components. They may comply with international standards and regulations, making them suitable for compliance assessments in areas like workplace noise monitoring, environmental noise studies, and assessing the impact of noise pollution in various settings. The digital nature of these meters enhances their versatility, precision, and ease of use in diverse applications related to sound measurement and analysis.

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