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    Emergency Push Button Switch, Plastic Type

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    Emergency push button switch with mushroom button component, has variety types of 1NC/ 1NO+1NC/ 2NC+1NO/ 2NO+1NC to choose, works at 220V voltage and 5A current. It can protect the safety of people and equipment, when the machine is in a dangerous state.
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    The emergency push button control switch has a simple structure of 1NC/ 1NO+1NC/ 2NC+1NO/ 2NO+1NC contact form, sensitive response and long service life. The push button switch box is widely used in electrical automatic control circuits. And mainly used to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

    Emergency Push Button Switch Specifications:

    Model KL-B104 KL-B204 KL-B304 KL-B305
    Item 1NC emergency push button  1NO+1NC emergency push button 2NO+1NC emergency push button 2NC+1NO emergency push button
    Material ABS plastic
    Temperature -40℃-+80℃
    Protection level IP65
    knock off hole Yes
    Cover and base connect Yes
    Color of the button box Yellow or grey
    Max.voltage 220V
    Max.current 5A

    Structure and Dimension (Unit=mm)

    1NO+1NC emergency push buttonemergency push button switch structure2NC+1NO emergency push buttonemergency push button switch structure

    2NO+1NC emergency push buttonemergency push button switch structure

    Tips: selection of NO and NC contact form for Emergency push button Switch

    The most basic function of the emergency stop button is to stop in an emergency to avoid mechanical accidents or personal accidents. However, due to the long-term operation of the machine, the line, especially the emergency stop line part, may cause a fault and open circuit. At this time, if the emergency stop button uses a normally open contact, the line fault of the emergency stop part will not be found. If the emergency stop button is used then it will be too late. When using normally closed contacts, when the emergency stop part of the circuit fails, it will at most cause the machine to stop, and the loss will be relatively small. When designing an electrical control system, it is best to use a normally closed contact for the emergency stop button, so that the safety factor is relatively high.

    This two-way emergency switch consists a mushroom button and a standard push button, suitable to be used in electrical automatic control circuits with max voltage 220V and max current 5A.

    Existing reviews of Emergency Push Button Switch, Plastic Type
    Safety Assurance
    The quality of this button switch is very reliable, with a comfortable touch and a smooth pressing feeling. I especially like its eye-catching color and labeling, which makes it easy to find and operate in an emergency. No matter what environment I am in, simply pressing the button can immediately cut off the circuit, ensuring the safety of myself and those around me.
    From: Aubrey | Date: 29/04/2024
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