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    Push Button Switch, 2 NC+1 NO, 220V

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    High quality push button control switch with 2 NC+1 NO contact form, protection level IP 65, metal type button switch is available to choose. It works at 220V voltage and 5 amp current, provides excellent dynamic response and efficient work efficiency.
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    The push button control switch has a simple structure of 2NC+1NO contact form, sensitive response and long service life. The push button switch box is widely used in electrical automatic control circuits. And mainly used to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

    2 NC+1 NO Push Button Switch Specifications:

    Model KL-H306 KL-H302 AG-03 AG-03-02
    Item Plastic 2 NO+1 NC button (flush design) plastic 2 NO+1 NC button (with selectable switch) metal 2 NO+1 NC button (flush design) metal 2 NO+1 NC button (with selectable switch)
    Contact form 2 NO+1 NC
    Material ABS plastic
    Temperature -40℃-+80℃
    Protection level IP65
    knock off hole Yes
    Cover and base connect Yes
    Color of the button box Yellow or grey
    Max.voltage 220V
    Max.current 5A

    Structure and Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Plastic 2 NO+1 NC button (flush design)

    Push button switch 2NC 1NO structureMetal 2 NO+1 NC button (flush design)

    Push button switch 2NC 1NO structure

    Push button switch details

    Push button switch 2NC 1NO detail

    Push button switch 2NC 1NO detail

    Tips: installation and use of push button switch

    1. When installing the push buttons switch on the panel, neatly arrange them in a reasonable way. They can be arranged from top to bottom or from left to right according to the motors' start order.

    2. The installation and fixing of the button should be firm, and the wiring should be reliable to avoid confusion. Apply the red button to stop, green or black to start or power on.

    3. Due to the small distance between the button contacts, short-circuit failures are likely to occur if there is oil stains, so the contacts should be kept clean.

    4. The button board and button box must be metal, and try to connect them to the machine's general grounding bus. For the suspended button, a dedicated grounding wire must be provided, and metal pipes must not be used as the grounding wire.

    5. When the push button switch box is used in high temperature occasions, it is easy to cause plastic deformation and aging to cause looseness, causing a short circuit between the terminal screws. An insulating plastic tube can be added to the terminal screws to prevent short circuits.

    6. The push button with indicator light will easily deform the plastic lampshade due to the heat generated by the bulb. The voltage of the bulb should be lowered to prolong the service life.

    7. The "stop" push button must be red, and the "emergency stop" push button must be a red mushroom head type, the "start" button must have a protective retaining ring, which should be higher than the button head to prevent accidental touch and electrical equipment from malfunctioning.

    Existing reviews of Push Button Switch, 2 NC+1 NO, 220V
    nice waterproof design switch
    This switch is 2NC 1NO contact form, I use it to control my patio's circuit, which is well designed and easy to use. And this is a waterproof design, so you don't have to worry about using it outdoors  at all.
    From: Magley | Date: 07/09/2021
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