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    Plastic Push Button Switch, 1 NC+1 NO, 10 A

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    The product base of the 1 NC+1 NO plastic push button control switch is made of PA 66 material and copper-based composite silver dots. With a waterproof ring equipped, and the waterproof level reaches IP 65. This 10 A push button switch is your best choice.
    SKU: ATO-PB-10A
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    The push button control switch has a simple structure of 1NC+1NO contact form, sensitive response and long service life. The push button switch box is widely used in electrical automatic control circuits. And mainly used to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

    1 NC+1 NO Plastic Push Button Switch Specifications:

    Model KL-B205 KL-B207  KL-B203
    Item 1 NO+1 NC button (non water-proof) 1 NO+1 NC button (water-proof) 1 NO+1 NC button (with selectable switch)
    Contact form 1 NO+1 NC
    Button type (standard) Self-reset type
    Material ABS plastic
    Temperature -40℃-+80℃
    Protection level IP65
    knock off hole Yes
    Cover and base connect Yes
    Color of the button box Yellow or grey
    Max.voltage 220V
    Max.current 10A

    Structure and Dimension (Unit=mm)

    1 NO+1 NC button (non water-proof)

    Push button switch 1 NC 1 NO structure

    Push button switch details

    Push button switch 1 NC 1 NO details

    Push button switch 1 NC 1 NO details

    Tips: selection principle of push button switch:

    ① Select the form of the card tube according to the purpose, such as emergency type, key type, instruction type, etc.
    ② The type of push button switch can be selected according to the use environment, such as open type, waterproof type, anti-corrosion type, etc.
    ③ The color of the push button switch box can be selected according to the requirements of working status and working conditions.

    Existing reviews of Plastic Push Button Switch, 1 NC+1 NO, 10 A
    good switch
    I had used this push button switch a few days but I can already see the quality of it. The case comes with a gasket so it should be water resistant. The mechanical operation of the switch feels solid.  I'm using it for a gate opener and couldn't be more pleased with the quality and function of the switch.
    From: Kirsten | Date: 07/09/2021
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