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    65kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater

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    65kW high power electric industrial fan heater is robust and tough design, waterproof IPX4 class, function on diesel or kerosene fuel, stainless steel combustion chamber and high efficiency combustion, heating area up to 1300m3, no smoke and smell, environment protection and low noise.
    SKU: ATO-FH-065
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    Free standing & portable air fan heater function on diesel, with 65kW power capacity, high quality and best price, works at single phase 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz power supply, 50L fuel tank, equiped with rear handle and wheels for easy moving, suitable for heating warehouse, factories, and workshops these places.

    Parameter List

    Model ATO-PLUSK220
    Power Supply Single phase AC 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz (Other voltages can be customized)
    Power 65kW
    Fuel Diesel, Kerosene  (Note that our heater using diesel and electricity for power at the same time)
    Fuel Tank 50L
    Fuel Consumption 6.1L/h
    Heating Area 1300m3
    Ignition Type Continuous spark ignition
    Thermostat Control Yes
    Waterproof Class IPX4
    Work Temperature 5℃-45℃
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months
    Product Size 1057*465*518mm
    Net Weight 28kg

    Fan Heater Details

    diesel fan heater details

    Spare Parts

    Fan heater spare parts

    Input Power Cable Selection

    Fan heater plug selection

    Tips: Portable Fan Heater Using in Field of Breeding

    In the field of breeding, warming up is a very important project. Industrial portable fan heater is a product specially designed for such places. When the chicks are just hatched, they need to survive in the climate of about 33 degrees. Generally, considering the cost, the farmers will basically build a greenhouse, because this kind of building can solve the heating problem by basically making sunlight in the daytime, without any cost. Even in the cold winter, as long as the sun is bright, even if the temperature of the external environment is low, it can also make the indoor achieve the ideal effect. But at night, they are useless. Of course, at this time, they can rely on the hot blast stove of industrial fan heater to solve the problem of bearing this aspect. They do not need preheating, have high-efficiency heating device, and can use various fuels such as fuel oil, gas, coal, electricity, etc., with a wide range of options. They can adjust the required temperature through the built-in temperature control device, and achieve full-automatic operation at night It can be unattended and labor cost can be saved.

    Existing reviews of 65kW Portable Industrial Diesel Fan Heater
    65kW industrial diesel fan heater heats very well
    I am buying this 65kW industrial diesel fan heater for the first time. To be honest, I really like it. It heats up really well. I hope you all buy it.
    From: Jesuisp | Date: 26/01/2022
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