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    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool 100 ton

    Hydraulic hole punch tool with output force100 ton for sale, standard dies configuration 22, 25, 28, 32mm. Punching holes capacity iron sheet ≤20mm, U-steel 10-15# and angle steel 8-15#. Hydraulic hole punch throat depth 135mm, heavy-duty and adopts dual oil circuit design. Hydraulic puncher needs to be used with a hydraulic pump.
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    Heavy-duty hydraulic puncher with 22, 25, 28, 32mm standard dies configuration, throat depth 135mm and holes capacity iron sheet≤20mm. Output force 100 ton, work with a pump.

    Note: The hydraulic punching machine needs to be used with a pump. (1.5kW/3.0kW double-acting electric hydraulic pump: ATO-DB300-D2ATO-DB150-S2 are recommended).


    Model ATO-CH-100A ATO-CH-100B
    Output Force 100 Ton 100 Ton
    Max. Punching Thickness Iron Plate ≤20mm ≤20mm
    Angle Steel 8-15# 8-15#
    U-Steel 10-15# (Only Wide Face) 10-15# (Wide and Narrow Face)
    Throat Depth 135mm 135mm
    Weight 119 kg 130 kg
    Punching Dies Standard Configuration Φ 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm. 1 set for each (includes upper die and lower die)

    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool Structure

    100 ton hydraulic punch tool structure



    1. Hydraulic hole punch is suitable for field operation or fixed in the factory for mass production.
    2. The hydraulic hole punch machine adopts dual oil circuit design, punching and return stroke are completed by hydraulic oil pressure, high punching efficiency.
    3. Hydraulic puncher with accurate punching position, and no burr in blanking.
    4. Hydraulic hole punch is suitable for punching various steel, iron, copper, aluminum plates, formed steel, channel steel, I-beam, etc. Small size, light weight, easy to operate, labor-saving and fast punching.


    Hydraulic Hole Punch Tool T-CH-100A and T-CH-100B: What are their differences?

    ATO-CH-100B can punch the narrow face of U-steel and the H-Steel, but the ATO-CH-100A can't do it.

    100 ton hydraulic hole punch tool in h steel


    Tips: How to do machine start-up test to hydraulic puncher?

    1. Connect to the power supply. Before the punching machine leaves the factory, the default power cord is not connected to the plug. This is for the convenience of the user for separate wiring (if you need to assemble the plug, you can communicate with the customer in advance).
    2. There are two types of power cords: 2-wire and 3-wire, 2-wire is connected to 220V power supply, and 3-wire is connected to 380V power supply. Regarding the selection of power supply, the customer will communicate in advance before ordering the machine.
    3. The motor can be divided into positive and negative rotations. When the power is turned on, you can pay attention to whether the motor is rotating forward to ensure that the motor can work normally only when it is rotating forward.
    4. When the machine can run normally, please check whether the joints of each hydraulic oil pipe leak oil, if oil leaks, please contact customer service in time to replace the oil pipe.
    5. Check the hydraulic oil gauge, you can press the punching or arc punching on the control panel to test whether there is pressure display on the oil gauge.
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