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    1.5 kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, Double Acting

    Double acting hydraulic electric pump for dump trailer, built-in motor 1.5 kW, 2-stage pressure, high pressure 10000 psi, oil storage capacity 10 L. Hydraulic electric pumps are applicable to truck tailgate lifts, dump trailers, lift trucks, snow plows, aerial work platforms, material handling, wheelchair lifts, etc.
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    Dump truck electric hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor, double acting, rated pressure is 10,000 psi, the dump trailer hydraulic pump tank is specially designed to withstand ruptures and leaks.


    Model: ATO-DB075-D2 / ATO-DB150-D2 / DB300-D2

    High Pressure: 10,000 psi (70 Mpa)

    Low Pressure: 1450 psi (10 Mpa)

    High Pressure Flow Rate: 1.7 L/min

    Low Pressure Flow Rate: 7.9 L/min

    Motor Power: 1.5 kW

    Voltage: 110V / 380V

    Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

    Speed: 1400 rpm

    Oil Storage Capacity: 10 L

    Oil Type: ≤15# hydraulic oil

    Weight: 40 kg


    • Double-acting hydraulic electric pump has large volume and fast speed. Turbine vane-type oil absorption can reach the highest effective oil volume.
    • Pressure safety valve overload protection device to avoid overload damage or excessive, it will automatically release pressure when it reaches 700kg/cm².
    • Oil storage capacity can be customized, oil tube joint is matched with PT3/8" thread.

    Double Acting Hydraulic Electric Pump Structure Diagram

    Structure of 1500w electric hydraulic pump

    Tips: Hydraulic electric pump function

    The hydraulic electric pump has excellent anti-foaming and air release properties. In the hydraulic oil tank of the electric hydraulic pump, because the air bubbles mixed into the oil circulate with the oil, not only the pressure of the system will drop, the lubrication condition will deteriorate, but also abnormality will occur. In addition, the air bubbles increase the contact area between oil and air, and accelerate the oxidation of oil, so hydraulic oil is required to have excellent anti-foaming and air release properties.

    Strong shear resistance: When hydraulic oil passes through the electric hydraulic pump, valve saving openings and gaps, it must experience severe shearing action, causing some macromolecular polymers in the oil, such as the molecules of the tackifier, to crack and become small molecules , to reduce the viscosity. When the viscosity drops to a certain level, the oil cannot be used, so it is required to have excellent shear resistance.

    Excellent oxidation resistance. Hydraulic oil will also oxidize during use. Acidic substances generated after the oxidation of hydraulic oil will increase the corrosiveness to metals. The generated sludge deposits will block filters and small gaps, making the hydraulic system work. It is not normal, so the electric hydraulic pump is required to have good oxidation resistance.

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