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    1.2 kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi

    220 Volt hydraulic electric pump for dump truck, power supply 1200 watt, high pressure flow rate 1.7 L/min, low pressure flow rate 5 L/min, high pressure 10000 psi, maximum tank capacity is 2 L, hydraulic electric pump has the advantages of small size, light weight and simple structure.
    SKU: ATO-HEP-QQ700
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    10000 psi hydraulic electric pump is driven by 1.2 kW electric motor, widely used with punch machine, cutting machine, bending machine, cylinder, pipe benders, hole digger, cable cutter, crimping tool, etc.


    Model: ATO-HEP-QQ700

    High Pressure: 10,000 psi (70 Mpa)

    High Pressure Flow Rate: 1.7 L/min

    Motor Power: 1.2 kW

    Voltage: 220V

    Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

    Speed: 3700 rpm

    Oil Storage Capacity: 2 L

    Weight: 11 kg

    1200W Hydraulic Electric Pump Structure Diagram

    Structure of 1200w electric hydraulic pump

    1200W Hydraulic Electric Pump Dimension Drawing (Unit: mm)

    1200w electric hydraulic pump dimension

    Tips: Hydraulic electric pump for disassembly and assembly precautions

    1. When disassembling the hydraulic electric pump, it is necessary to release the pressure in the circuit, otherwise the oil will be ejected rapidly.
    2. When disassembling, prevent damage to the piston rod top wire, oil hole threads, piston rod surface and cylinder sleeve inner wall.
    3. After disassembly, all parts should be covered with plastic sheeting for safekeeping and stored in a dry environment.
    4. Due to the composition of each hydraulic pressure ring and pressure ring, when the pressure cylinder structure and pressure ring size are not the same, the disassembly order is slightly different, generally speaking, the cylinder head and piston rod should be disassembled.
    5. Before and after unloading, prevent the components of the hydraulic electric pump from being contaminated by surrounding dust and impurities.
    6. Before carrying out assembly, clean each part carefully before assembling.
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