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    Hydraulic Knockout Hole Punch Kit 6 Ton/8 Ton/15 Ton

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    Compact, light and durable manual hydraulic hole punch is available with output force 6 Ton, 8 Ton or 15 Ton, designed to punch round holes on the stainless steel/ iron plate of different thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or below (based on models). Powered by hydraulic hand pump, the punching tool is not restricted by the environment of no electricity and make a hole fast and smooth. The hydraulic knockout punch kit covers pump, dies, hole punch, draw studs and plastic case.
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    The hydraulic knockout hole punch set is a portable and easy tool kit used for punching round holes on the steel or iron plate. The hydraulic hole punch offers 6 Ton, 8 Ton or 15 Ton punching force and correspondingly comes with different sizes of dies to meet your needs. The punching tool is also equipped with rotatable ON / OFF switch for safe operation. In addition, with hydraulic hand pump, the punch is very convenient to take and easy to use, so it is more flexible in the occassions without electricity. It is widely used for punching hole on the switchboard, power transmission panel, meter plate, steel plate, etc.


    Punching Force 6T 8T 8T 15T 15T
    Max. Stroke 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm
    Punching Die Φ22, Φ27.5, Φ34.3, Φ43, Φ49, Φ60.8mm Φ16, Φ20, Φ26.2, Φ32.5, Φ39, Φ51mm Φ22, Φ27, Φ34, Φ43, Φ49, Φ60mm Φ63, Φ76, Φ89, Φ100, Φ114mm Φ16, Φ20, Φ22, Φ26.2, Φ27,
    Φ32.5, Φ34, Φ39, Φ43, Φ49,
    Φ51,Φ60, Φ63, Φ76, Φ80, Φ89,
    Φ100, Φ114mm
    Max. Thickness Malleable steel<3mm: Φ16.5-60.8mm
    Malleable steel<2mm: Φ16.5-115.5mm
    Stainless steel<2mm: Φ16.5-60.8mm
    Stainless steel: 1.6mm
    Iron plate: 3mm
    Stainless steel: 1.6mm
    Iron plate: 3mm
    Stainless steel: 2mm
    Iron plate: 4mm
    Stainless steel: 2mm
    Iron plate: 4mm
    Punching Range Φ16-60mm Φ16-60mm Φ16-114mm Φ16-114mm
    Weight 6kg 11kg 11kg 21kg 27kg

    How To Use

    ATO-TPA-8A hydraulic hole punch usage method

    * The hydraulic hole punch needs to make a pilot hole on the iron plate before punching.
    * The plate thickness to punch a hole should be within the range; otherwise it will make the puching tool loss.
    * The basic use method of ATO-SYK series is similar the above figure, but the required pilot hole of ATO-SYK-8A/B is Φ11.5mm and ATO-SYK-15C/F is Φ20.5mm.

    Tips: Basic Principle of Hydraulic Punch

    Hydraulic punch is a kind of punching machine which uses hydraulic transmission drive as motive power. Hydraulic transmission is a transmission mode that uses liquid as the working medium to transfer energy and make control. It is an technology developed according to the principle of hydrostatic pressure transmission put forward by Pascal in the 17th century. It is a commonly used in industrial and agricultural production. It is mainly used for hydraulic punching and shearing machine, hydraulic joint punching and shearing machine, multi-function punching and shearing machine and other large mechanical machines, but also can be used alone.

    The basic principle of hydraulic transmission in the hydraulic punch: the hydraulic system using hydraulic pump to convert the prime mover's mechanical energy into a liquid pressure, then transfer the energy through the change of liquid pressure; after a variety of control valve and pipeline transmission, by means of hydraulic actuators (hydraulic cylinder or motor), the liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy, and thus drive each work mechanism, realizes the straight reciprocating motion and rotary motion.

    Existing reviews of Hydraulic Knockout Hole Punch Kit 6 Ton/8 Ton/15 Ton
    Inexpensive hole punch kit
    This kit was a great purchase for me. It is marked at a lower price point than similar products in the same tool family. Its weight is very light and works well.
    I purchased this 6-15 ton hole punch kit to complete my punching work. It punches quickly and smoothly. I am very satisfied with it.
    From: Nicholasv | Date: 31/08/2021
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