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    Portable Hydraulic Sheet Metal Hole Punch 35 Ton

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    Portable hydraulic metal hole punch for sale, can punch round hole diameter 3/8"(10.5mm), 1/2"(13.8mm), 5/8"(17mm), 3/4"(20.5mm), punching capacity 35 ton, max. thickness of sheet iron up to 10mm and copper/ aluminum busbar up to 12mm, fast punching speed, safe and easy operation.
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    Powerful 35 ton hydraulic hole punching tool is an easy and fast way to punch 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" holes in iron sheet, copper/ aluminum busbar, and widely used in electricity industry, construction, and other outdood field work.

    Note: The hydraulic hole punch ATO-CH60/70 need work with an external hydraulic pump (hand pump or electric pump).


    Model ATO-CH-60 ATO-CH-70
    Max. Punching Force 31 Ton 35 Ton
    Max. Thickness of Iron Plate 6mm 10mm
    Max. Thickness of Copper Bar 10mm 12mm
    Depth of Throat 95mm 110mm
    Punching Die 3/8"(ф10.5mm), 1/2"(ф13.8mm), 5/8"(ф17mm), 3/4"(ф20.5mm)
    Size 350*245*110mm 370*240*150mm
    Weight 19kg 38kg

    Matched Pump

    1. Hydraulic hand pump (CP-700)

    Hydraulic hole punch and hand pump

    Max. Operating Pressure 700kg/cm2
    High Pressure 700kg/cm2
    Low Pressure 20kg/cm2
    High-Pressure Oil Volume 2.3 cc
    Low-Pressure Oil Volume 13 cc
    Oil Capacity 900 cc

    2. Electric hydraulic pump (750W)

    Hydraulic hole punch and electric pump

    Max. Operating Pressure 70MPa
    High Pressure 70MPa
    Low Pressure 7MPa
    High-Pressure Output Oil 0.9L/min
    Low-Pressure Output Oil 5L/min
    Oil Capacity 7L
    Power Source 220V 50Hz
    Type Single-acting

    Tips: What is a Hydraulic Punch?

    Hydraulic punch is a kind of punching tool, used to punch round, square or other shapes of holes in the metal like mild steel, copper bar, aluminum plate and so on. There are mainly two types including the split-type hydraulic punch and the integrated electric hydraulic punch.

    The split hydraulic hole punch is composed of a manual pump or an electric pump and a hydraulic punching head. The oil hose is connected by a hydraulic quick joint, which is reliable and fast. There is no limit to the direction when working and it is very easy to disassemble.

    The integrated electric hydraulic punching machine is a combination of a pump and a punching head. It does not require hydraulic oil pipes. It is more sophisticated in design and structure. According to the type of motor, it is divided into brush punch tool and brushless punch tool. Due to the characteristics of brushless motor, the brushless electric hydraulic punch has obvious advantages in service life.

    Existing reviews of Portable Hydraulic Sheet Metal Hole Punch 35 Ton
    Would buy again
    Good product for the price. This hydraulic one is so much better than the non-hydrolic cutter.
    From: Clare | Date: 30/10/2023
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    Very good quality, easy to use
    Excellent clean cut holes. I use it everyday in an industrial environment.  It’s  easy to use and works fairly well for one months so far through daily use. Recommend it.
    From: John | Date: 21/03/2022
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