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    5.5 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 36000 rpm

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    Low cost 3 phase 380V AC 5.5kW CNC spindle motor with tool changer, frequency 1200Hz, water cooling, 36000 rpm speed, 3.98 Nm rated torque and ISO25 tool holder, low noise ATC spindle improves the efficiency of automated processing, designed for high precision CNC Router milling, engraving, and drilling.
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    Reasonable price 5500W ATC spindle motor with 3 phase 380V AC, 36000 rpm speed, rated torque 3.98 Nm, water cooled of cooling method, suitable for milling, engraving, and all kinds of CNC router machine.


    • Reasonable structure design, simple and compact configuration, easy to take apart.
    • High precision, inflexibility and efficiency, long operation life.
    • With high grade size, shape, position precision, and quality of the surface.
    • Enough abrasive resistance, vibration resistance, suitable size.
    • Work stable, low noise, enough fatigue strength.


    Model ATO-DC-1036A
    Motor power 5500 W
    Rated voltage 380V AC
    Phase Three phase
    Max speed 36000 rpm
    Max current 21 A
    Max frequency 1200 Hz
    Torque 3.98 N·M
    Cone at the end of the shaft pulsates ≤0.001 mm
    Tooling releasing air pressure 5.6-6.0 Kgf/cm²
    Tooling change method Automatic tool changer
    Tooling pulling force ≥2000 N
    Tooling back air pressure 5.6-6.0 Kgf/cm²
    Tooling connection ISO25 tool holder - ER20
    Cooling Water cooling
    Encoder Sine - cosine 1Vpp (choice)
    Coolant pressure ≥2.5 Kgf/cm²
    Approach switch PNPON
    Bearing lubrication method Grease
    Balance level G1
    Install method Clamp
    Vibration Value ≤0.8 mm/s
    Weight 15 Kg

    Note: The spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor. Otherwise, it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    5500W ATC Spindle Dimension


    5500W CNC ATC Spindle Details

    Tips: 3 Functions of ATC Spindle

    • Speed control

    In order to meet the requirements of different processes, various workpiece materials and cutting tools, etc., the electric spindle must have a certain speed range and realize stepless speed change, so as to ensure the selection of reasonable cutting amount when processing raw materials, and obtain good cutting efficiency, Machining accuracy and surface quality.

    • Automatic tool clamping

    The outstanding feature of electric spindle machining is the automatic tool change function. In order to ensure the continuous implementation of the machining process, the spindle system of the machining center must have automatic tool clamping compared with other spindle systems. The tool change function can ensure that the spindle uses tools suitable for the situation in different use environments, and that the electric spindle can better adapt to the characteristics of the environment.

    • Spindle positioning

    That is, when the spindle stops, control the spindle to stop at a fixed position, which is a necessary function for automatic tool change. During automatic tool change, the cutting torque is usually transmitted through the face key of the tool holder, which requires the spindle to have the function of accurately positioning at a specific angle on the circumference. This specific electric spindle function is used in conjunction with the automatic tool change function.

    Existing reviews of 5.5 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 36000 rpm
    I have some questions
    We will use a 120V/208V three-phase electrical configuration for 5.5kW CNC ATC spindle. Do we need an incremental encoder? If we use this product, what model of VFD will we use?
    From: Chloe | Date: 13/05/2024
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    ATO Responded
    1. This ATO-SPINDLE-ATC5500 motor does not require an incremental encoder and can operate at a speed of 30000 rpm without an incremental encoder.
    2. Regarding the VFD model, we recommend using a capacity one level larger than the motor, 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) VFD, GK3000-4T0075G.
    I need two high speed brushless motors
    I need two high speed brushless motors capable of 30,000 rpm and 0.75 Nm continuously or intermittently. From browsing your website, does the spindle motor seem to be my only choice? Additionally, I'll need some sort of encoder or hall sensor, along with a suitable drive to control it. I came across the 5.5 kW CNC ATC spindle, but I couldn't find a drive that can handle 380V AC 5.5kW. Could you please provide some guidance?
    From: Gloria | Date: 07/05/2024
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    ATO Responded
    1. This spindle motor, ATO-SPINDLE-ATC5500, is typically controlled by a VFD by default. You can use VFD to adjust the frequency of the motor and thereby adjust the speed. What is your available input voltage?
    2. If this spindle motor is equipped with an encoder or hall sensor, please tell us what are the specific specifications of the encoder?
    As expected
    It arrived as excepted. I bought a 5.5kW ATC spindle motor with extremely low noise operation and an easy assembly process. I am very satisfied with the purchase.
    From: Mia | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Great CNC spindle
    This cheap automatic tool changer spindle is definitely better than I thought it would be. In my case, I use it to replace the AC motor on a CNC mill. You don't need ear protection when it's running, it's quiet even at 24,000 rpm.
    From: Sarah | Date: 22/04/2022
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