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    1.8 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 60000 rpm

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    Get a 1.8kW ATC spindle motor at low price, three phase 220V AC rated voltage, 60000rpm speed, torque 0.28 Nm, 1000Hz, spindle tool changer with Φ3- Φ6 collet, low noise, high precision and long life, improves work efficiency, supplies for CNC router machines.
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    Low cost water cooled ATC spindle with 1800 watt, 60000 rpm high speed, 0.28 Nm torque, Φ3- Φ6 collet, 3 phase 220V AC at high frequency 1000Hz, matched with VFD, works for CNC router machine.


    • Reasonable structure design, simple and compact configuration, easy to take apart.
    • High precision, inflexibility and efficiency, long operation life.
    • With high grade size, shape, position precision, and quality of the surface.
    • Enough abrasive resistance, vibration resistance, suitable size.
    • Work stable, low noise, enough fatigue strength.


    Model ATO-DC-62B
    Motor power 1800 W
    Rated voltage 200V AC
    Phase Three phase
    Max speed 60000 rpm
    Max current 10 A
    Max frequency 1000 Hz
    Torque 0.28 N·M
    Cone at the end of the shaft pulsates ≤0.001 mm
    Tooling releasing air pressure 5.6-6.0 Kgf/cm²
    Tooling change method Automatic tool changer
    Tooling pulling force ≥1200 N
    Tooling back air pressure No
    Tooling connection Φ3- Φ6 collet
    Cooling Water cooling
    Encoder No
    Coolant pressure ≥2.5 Kgf/cm²
    Approach switch No
    Bearing lubrication method Grease
    Balance level G1
    Install method Clamp
    Vibration Value ≤0.8 mm/s
    Weight 3.97 Kg

    Note: The spindle motor and VFD shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the VFD shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle motor. Otherwise, it will burn the spindle motor if the settings are not correct.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    1800W ATC Spindle Dimension


    1800W CNC ATC Spindle Details

    Tips: Tips For Using an ATC Spindle

    • The cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of the ATC spindle must be carried out after the power is cut off and the work has completely stopped.
    • The automatic tool change spindle must be equipped with a safety protection device on the machine.
    • Do not let your arm touch the rotating part of the ATC spindle during the high-speed rotation of the ATC spindle.
    • The operator of the ATC spindle should not wear loose or sagging clothing, women must tie their long hair
    • Please use the tool holder designated by the spindle.
    • The ATC spindle needs to be maintained regularly in accordance with the manual, otherwise it may cause mechanical failure and damage, and shorten the service life of the ATC spindle.
    Existing reviews of 1.8 kW CNC ATC Spindle, 60000 rpm
    Excellent spindle for my needs
    I bought a 1.8kW automatic tool changer spindle from this seller. I tested this spindle with a VFD installed on my 2x4 router, and it ran smoothly with little noise. Great value for money.
    From: Taylor | Date: 22/04/2022
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    Great ATC spindle
    This 1.8kW ATC spindle arrived on time. It works well and is almost completely silent. It's a water-cooled spindle. In fact, it's so quiet compared to my CNC router.
    From: June | Date: 22/04/2022
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