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    2S 5A Active Battery Balancer, 2x12V

    Favorable price 2s battery balancer can connect 2 batteries in series for balancing 2*12V voltage in 0~5A working current. This active battery equalizer, often integrated into a Battery Management System (BMS), plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and lifespan of lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries.
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    This 2s active battery balancer contributes to the reliability and longevity of lithium cells, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining a balanced and healthy battery pack.


    • Model: ATO-BE-101
    • Number of Battery Pack Strings: 2S (2 Batteries Connected in Series)
    • Battery Nominal Voltage: 2*12V (2.AV-12V)
    • Working Current: 0-5A
    • Standby Current: 3mA
    • Working Temperature: -20℃~+65℃
    • Protection: Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Connecting Line: 35cm
    • Terminal: φ8mm
    • Diameter: 78*78mm


    2S 5A active battery balencer wiring

    • The black wire is connected to the negative pole of the series battery pack.
    • The white wire connects to the middle connection point of the two batteries.
    • The red wire is connected to the positive pole of the series battery pack.


    1. Please read the manual before installing the equipment.
    2. Before connecting the equalizer, please confirm the positive and negative poles of the battery pack.
    3. Avoid short circuit and reverse connection between balancer terminals.

    Tips: What is an active battery balancer?

    An active battery balancer is a device designed to manage and maintain the uniformity of charge and discharge among individual cells within a battery pack. Batteries often consist of multiple cells, and variations in their capacities or health can lead to uneven energy distribution, reducing overall efficiency and lifespan. The active battery balancer addresses this issue by actively redistributing energy between cells, ensuring that they remain balanced in terms of voltage and state of charge. Unlike passive balancers that rely on resistors or other simple mechanisms, active balancers use electronic circuitry and control algorithms to actively transfer energy between cells. This promotes optimal performance, enhances safety, and extends the life of the battery pack, making active battery balancers crucial components in applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

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