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    6S 5A Active Battery Balancer, 6x12V

    Explore online options to acquire a cost-effective 6S 5A active battery balancer. This battery equalizer serves as a Battery Management System (BMS), connecting 6 x 12V batteries in series and actively balancing voltage within a 0~5A working current range. The paramount function of this active battery equalizer lies in enhancing the performance and extending the lifespan of lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries.
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    Active battery balancer, also known as a battery equalizer or Battery Management System (BMS), actively monitors individual cell voltages during charging and discharging processes. By redistributing energy among cells, it prevents imbalances that can lead to capacity degradation, overheating, or even safety hazards.


    • Model: ATO-J06-5A
    • Battery Pack Type: Ternary, Iron Lithium
    • Number of Battery Pack Strings: 6S (4 Batteries Connected in Series)
    • Balance Voltage: 72V (6*12V)
    • Balance Current: ≤5A
    • Balance Mode: Active Equilibrium
    • Balance On Condition: First Single String Voltage: ≥3.1±0.1V
    • Balance Off Condition: Flat First Single String Voltage: ≤3.0±0.1V
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Sleep Current: <100uA
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Balance Accuracy: ±mV
    • Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    • Harness: Compatible with BMS
    • Balance Indication Light: Bright: Balance On, OFF: Balance Not On or Fault
    • Dimension: 97*65*21mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    4s 8s active battery balencer dimension


    Active battery balencer detail


    Active battery balencer application

    Tips: How to troubleshoot issues with an active battery balancer?

    To troubleshoot issues with an active battery balancer, start by checking the connections and ensuring they are secure. Inspect for any loose or damaged wires, as poor connections can impede proper balancing. Verify that the balancer is compatible with the battery type and voltage. Use a multimeter to measure individual cell voltages, ensuring they are within the specified range.

    Next, assess the balancer's settings and configuration. Confirm that it is programmed correctly for the battery pack it is balancing. Check for any error codes or indicators on the balancer and refer to the user manual for guidance. If possible, test the balancer with a known-good battery to rule out device malfunction.

    If the issues persist, consider consulting the manufacturer's support resources or contacting technical support for assistance. It may be necessary to replace faulty components or the entire balancer unit if troubleshooting efforts are unsuccessful.

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