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    7S 5A Active Battery Balancer, 7x12V

    Invest in ATO cost-effective 7S 5A active battery balancer that functions as a Battery Management System (BMS) for a series connection of 7 x 12V batteries. This battery equalizer is designed to play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal cell balance during charging and discharging cycles, preventing overcharging or undercharging of individual cells.
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    The active battery balancer, also known as a battery equalizer or Battery Management System (BMS), adopts a proactive role in monitoring individual cell voltages during both charge and discharge cycles. By dynamically redistributing energy among cells, it acts as a protective measure against imbalances that could lead to reduced capacity, excessive heat generation, or potential safety hazards.


    • Model: ATO-J07-5A
    • Battery Pack Type: Ternary, Iron Lithium
    • Number of Battery Pack Strings: 7S (7 Batteries Connected in Series)
    • Balance Voltage: 84V (7*12V)
    • Balance Current: ≤5A
    • Balance Mode: Active Equilibrium
    • Balance On Condition: First Single String Voltage: ≥3.1±0.1V
    • Balance Off Condition: Flat First Single String Voltage: ≤3.0±0.1V
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Sleep Current: <100uA
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Balance Accuracy: ±mV
    • Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    • Harness: Compatible with BMS
    • Balance Indication Light: Bright: Balance On, OFF: Balance Not On or Fault
    • Dimension: 97*65*21mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    4s 8s active battery balencer dimension


    Active battery balencer detail


    Active battery balencer application

    Tips: What are the benefits of using an active battery balancer?

    An active battery balancer offers several benefits in optimizing the performance and longevity of battery systems. Firstly, it ensures equal charging and discharging among individual cells within a battery pack, preventing imbalances that can lead to reduced overall capacity and lifespan. By actively redistributing energy, the balancer helps maintain a consistent state of charge across cells, improving overall efficiency and preventing overcharging or undercharging of specific cells. This balancing mechanism enhances safety by minimizing the risk of thermal runaway and cell damage. Additionally, the active balancing process contributes to increased energy storage capacity and overall reliability of the battery system. Overall, the use of an active battery balancer promotes efficient energy utilization, extends battery life, and enhances the safety and reliability of energy storage systems.

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