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    4S 5A Active Battery Balancer, 4x12V

    Purchase 4s 5A active battery balancer online. This low cost battery equalizer is a BMS that connect 4*12V batteries in series for balancing voltage in 0~5A working current. This active battery equalizer plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and lifespan of lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries.
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    The battery balancer actively redistributes energy among cells during charging or discharging processes, promoting uniform voltage levels. This technology is particularly important in LiPo batteries, where cell balance is critical for safety and efficiency. Integrated with a charger, the active balancer enhances the charging process by preventing overvoltage issues.


    • Model: ATO-J04-5A
    • Battery Pack Type: Ternary, Iron Lithium
    • Number of Battery Pack Strings: 4S (4 Batteries Connected in Series)
    • Balance Voltage: 48V (4*12V)
    • Balance Current: ≤5A
    • Balance Mode: Active Equilibrium
    • Balance On Condition: First Single String Voltage: ≥3.1±0.1V
    • Balance Off Condition: Flat First Single String Voltage: ≤3.0±0.1V
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Sleep Current: <100uA
    • Working Power Consumption: <1mA
    • Balance Accuracy: ±mV
    • Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃
    • Harness: Compatible with BMS
    • Balance Indication Light: Bright: Balance On, OFF: Balance Not On or Fault
    • Dimension: 97*65*21mm

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    4s 8s active battery balencer dimension


    Active battery balencer detail


    Active battery balencer application

    Tips: Can active battery balancers be used in DIY battery projects?

    Yes, active battery balancers can be effectively used in DIY battery projects. These balancers help maintain the voltage balance among individual cells within a battery pack, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. DIY projects often involve assembling batteries from individual cells, and imbalances can lead to reduced overall capacity and lifespan. Active balancers actively redistribute energy between cells, preventing overcharging or discharging of specific cells.

    Incorporating active balancers enhances the safety and efficiency of DIY battery systems, particularly in applications like electric vehicles, solar power storage, or portable electronics. These devices continuously monitor and adjust individual cell voltages, mitigating the risk of cell damage and improving the overall reliability of the battery pack. DIY enthusiasts should consider the compatibility of active balancers with their specific battery chemistry and voltage requirements for a successful integration into their projects.

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