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    GPS Land Meter, Dual Satellite Positioning

    Buy a high precision land surveying meter online, this device supports GPS and GLONASS navigation satellite systems and has an area measurement error of ±0.5%. The handheld gps land meter is affordable and provides accurate measurements for a wide range of surveying applications, which makes it the perfect device for professionals who want to measure the land.
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    Buy a GPS instrument for land survey, this instrument has 7 measurement modes including auto-track, aspect mode, distance measurement, spot survey, vehicle survey, slope survey and fixed width mode. The land surveying meter displays measured values, graphical traces and automatically calculates prices after the survey.


    • Model: ATO-LM-ZK3701-2
    • Built-in Chip: Swiss GPS+Beidou
    • GPS Receiver: Chip processor
    • Antenna: Built-in GPS+BeiDou dual mode
    • Area Error: 0.5-1%
    • Distance Accuracy: 1-0.5 M
    • Time Accuracy: ±0.1 Second
    • Positioning Accuracy: 1.0CEP
    • Display: 2.4-inch TET-LCD color screen
    • Keypad: Silicone keypad
    • Data Interface: Micro-USB2.0 interface
    • Power Supply: 3.7V lithium battery, 2 batteries
    • Records: 120
    • Audio: Speaker
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
    • Dimension: 128mm* 60mm 24mm


    • Multi-functional GPS land meter with multi-clock measurement modes, automatic trajectory, aspect mode, distance measurement, spot measurement, in-vehicle measurement, slope measurement in fixed width mode.
    • Once the measurement is complete, the value is displayed, the graphical trajectory is displayed and the price is calculated automatically.
    • The land meter can save and record up to 99 historical data and graphical traces. You can look up, check and delete the history at any time.
    • The land surveying equipment allows you to set the unit price of the area, the unit price of the length, the conversion factors for acres and square meters and to set the automatic and manual measurement methods.
    • The GPS land meter can be connected to a PC to export and print data.
    • Dual lithium batteries for long life, 3-5 days standby time, 8-10 hours continuous measurement.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    land surveying equipment dimension


    Land surveying equipment detail


    A land meter, also known as land surveying equipment, they are used to measure distances, angles, and elevations, and is commonly used in construction, engineering, and mining industries to establish property boundaries, create topographical maps, and determine the position of underground utilities. Land meters are also used in scientific research and environmental monitoring to measure changes in the landscape and to study soil erosion, sedimentation, and other geologic processes. Additionally, they are used in agriculture to measure crop yields and monitor the health of crops.
    Land meter applications

    Tips: How do you calibrate a land meter to ensure accurate measurements?

    Calibrating a land meter to ensure accurate measurements typically involves the following steps:

    • Verify the accuracy of the instrument: Before starting the calibration process, you need to ensure that the land meter is in good condition and accurately calibrated. To do this, you can check the manufacturer's specifications or use a calibration tool to verify the accuracy of the readings.
    • Determine the calibration factors: The next step is to determine the calibration factors for the land meter. This involves measuring a known distance or area with the meter and comparing the readings to a standard reference value. Based on this comparison, you can calculate the calibration factors required to adjust the meter's readings.
    • Adjust the meter: Once you have determined the calibration factors, you can adjust the land meter to ensure accurate measurements. This may involve making manual adjustments to the meter's settings or using software to calibrate the device.
    • Perform a verification check: After calibrating the land meter, it is important to perform a verification check to ensure that the readings are accurate. This involves measuring a known distance or area with the meter and comparing the readings to a standard reference value.
    • Document the calibration: Finally, it is important to document the calibration process, including the calibration factors used and the verification results. This documentation can be used as a reference for future calibrations and can also be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

    It is important to note that the specific calibration process for a land meter may vary depending on the type of meter and the manufacturer's recommendations. It is always best to consult the manufacturer's instructions or seek the advice of a qualified professional when calibrating a land meter to ensure accurate measurements.

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