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    Time Delay Relay, Delay Off Without Supply Power, AC/DC 12-240V

    This time delay relay, delay off without supply power, is an electrical device capable of delaying the closure of a circuit after the power supply has been disconnected. This delay-off functionality allows for controlling the operation of devices even after power interruption. The timer relay is suitable for power systems ranging from 12 to 240 volts alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) with a frequency of 50-60Hz.
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    The delay off time delay relay functions within power systems ranging from 12 to 240 volts of alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Upon receiving a trigger signal, the timer relay initiates an internal timer to either open or close a circuit. Even in instances of power loss, this timer persists in operation. When the predetermined delay period elapses, the relay switches its state, either closing or opening the relevant circuit.

    This design finds utility across various applications, particularly those necessitating a delay in the deactivation of specific functions or devices subsequent to the cessation of primary equipment operation. Its capacity to operate without a power source renders it advantageous in settings characterized by unstable power supplies or requiring automatic power-off safeguards.


    • The true delay off timer relay does not require auxiliary power supply, and the relay relies on internal energy storage capacitors to operate after power failure.
    • Time range (adjustable by rotary switch and fi ne setting by potentiometer): 0.1s-10 mins.
    • Voltage range: AC/DC 12-240V, clamp terminals.
    • Relay status is indicated by LED.
    • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.



    Model ATO-GRT8-D
    Function Delay OFF without supply power
    Supply terminals A1-A2
    Voltage range AC/DC 12-240V (50-60Hz)
    Burden AC 0.09-3VA/DC 0.05-1.5W
    Supply voltage tolerance -15%; +10%
    Supply indication green LED
    Time ranges 0.1s-10 mins
    Time setting potentionmeter
    Time deviation 10%-mechanical setting
    Repeat accuracy 0.2%-set value stability
    Mininum power time 3s
    Temperature coefficient 0.05%/°C, at=20°C (0.05%°F, at=68°F)
    Output 1×SPDT
    Current rating 16A/AC1
    Switching voltage 250VAC/24VDC
    Min.breaking capacity DC 500mW
    Output indication red LED
    Mechanical life 1×106
    Electrical life (AC1) 5×104
    Reset time max.200ms
    Operating temperature -20℃ to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
    Storage temperature -35°C to +75°C (-22°F to 158°F)
    Mounting/DIN rail Din rail EN/IEC 60715
    Protection degree IP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals
    Operating altitude ≤2000m
    Operating position any
    Overvoltage cathegory Ⅲ.
    Pollution degree 2
    Max.cable size (mm2) solid wire max.1×2.5 or 2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5 (AWG 12)
    Dimensions 90×18×64mm
    Weight 66g
    Standards GB/T 14048.5, EN 61812-1, lEC 60947-5-1


    Wiring Diagram

    Time delay relay delay off wiring diagram

    Functions Diagram

    Time delay relay delay off function diagram

    Dimensions (mm)

    Time delay relay delay off dimension

    Tips: The benefits of using a time delay relay with delay off without supply power.

    • Continued operation during power interruptions: Even in the event of power loss, the time delay relay continues to function, ensuring uninterrupted operation of critical systems or processes.
    • Delay functionality: The relay provides a delay before shutting down or activating certain functions or devices, allowing for smoother transitions and preventing sudden disruptions.
    • Enhanced safety: By delaying the deactivation of equipment or processes after power loss, the relay helps mitigate potential hazards and ensures safe operation in various environments.
    • Automatic power-off protection: In scenarios where automatic power-off protection is necessary, such as in sensitive equipment or critical processes, the relay offers reliable safeguarding against unexpected power fluctuations or failures.
    • Improved efficiency: The time delay relay optimizes the operation of electrical systems by allowing for precise timing control, leading to increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
    • Adaptability to unstable power sources: The relay's ability to operate without a stable power supply makes it well-suited for environments with fluctuating or unreliable power sources, providing stability and consistency in operation.
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