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    Pyranometer Sensor, 300-3000nm Radiation Sensor

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    Cheap pyranometer with 300-3000nm spectral range for sale online. Pyranometer sensor surface is coated by black coating with high absorption rate. Aluminum alloy instrument case can protect pyranometer safety. Precision spectral pyranometer widely applys in agriculture and forestry monitoring, tourism eco and weather stations.
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    Portable pyranometer based thermopile principle, with high sensitivity. Pyranometer price is affordable, high quality radiation sensor suits for harsh environment. Pyranometer conforms to the WMO standard, it can be used safely.


    • Pyranometer conforms to the WMO standard.
    • Pyranometer sensor suits in harsh environment.
    • Pyranometer with double transmission glass and visual desiccant window.


    Model ATO-RK200-03
    Spectral Range 300-1100 nm
    Supply 5V, 12-24V DC
    Range 0-1500 W/m2
    Resolution 1 W/m2
    Output 0-5V, 4-20mA, RS485
    Response Time ≤ 5s
    Cosine Correction ≤ ±10% (solar elevation angle=10°)
    Non-linearity < ±3%
    Temperature Effect ±0.08%/℃
    Stability ≤ ±2%/year
    Operating Temperature -40 ℃— +80 ℃
    Ingress Protection IP65
    Weight (unpacked) 420 g
    Shell Material Aluminum alloy
    Storage Condition 10 ℃—60 ℃, 20%—90% RH
    Certification CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (mm):

    Pyranometer sensor dimension


    Pyranometer sensor application

    Tips: How to Maintain the ATO Pyranometer Sensor?

    • The pyranometer sensor shall be installed in the open air, and there shall be no shelter above the sensor during measurement.
    • The sensor connector should face north and be positioned horizontally before fixing.
    • Check the glass cover regularly and ensure it is clean.
    • Do not remove or loosen the glass cover to avoid affecting the accuracy.
    • Please make sure the desiccant has not expired.
    • If the desiccant changes color from orange to black, it should be replaced.
    • Replacement every six months is recommended. It's best to replace them every six months.
    • If there is heavy rain or hail for a long time, it is recommended to install a protective cover.
    • The sensitivity should be recalibrated every two years.
    Existing reviews of Pyranometer Sensor, 300-3000nm Radiation Sensor
    Performs well
    I love this pyranometer sensor when I got it. The appearance of this product is exquisite. Of course, the performance of the sensor is also very good. I'm very pleased.
    From: Dolly | Date: 20/04/2022
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    High quality pyranometer sensor
    I have been using this pyranometer sensor for a while. The aluminum alloy shell protects the product well. I'm very happy with my purchase.
    From: Colleen | Date: 23/03/2022
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    Accurate and easy to use radiation sensor
    If you were ever curious about radiation in any environment, this radiation sensor is the perfect tool to answer those questions. It is easy to use and it is accurate. And it did a very good job.
    From: Max | Date: 23/03/2022
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