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    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, 2-Wire

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    The 2-wire magnetic sensors of the cylinder is provided to the controller as a position signal. The controller detects the presence of the magnetic switch signal, and realizes position control, stop and start of the cylinder. Its maximum contact capacity is 10 W, and the magnetic switch of the cylinder responds very Sensitive, the cylinder sensor is your best choice.
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    The cylinder sensor is mainly used to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder, and the user can directly install it in the cylinder to use. As a detection device, the sensor is the primary link to realize automatic control and  detection, and it can meet the various requirements of users for equipment information transmission, processing, storage, recording, display and control. Note: our m


    Model ATO-CMS
    Item magnetic cylinder sensor, 2-wire
    Voltage 5V-240V AC/DC
    Maximum Switching Current 100mA
    Maximum Contact Capacity 6W Max
    Internal Current Consumption N/A
    Maximum Switching Frequency 200Hz
    Impact Resistance 50G
    Protection Circuit  N/A
    Working Temperature  -10℃~70℃
    Standard CE marking, RoHS

    Selection table

    Cross Section Types G, GS, H, HS, E, J
    Protection Level General type-IP64, Waterproof type-IP68
    Lead Wire Length 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m

    Dimension (Unit=mm)

    Cross section types

    magnetic sensor dimension

    Connection method

    Magnetic sensor connection

    Tips: How does the magnetic switch automatically control the cylinder?
    The 2-wire magnetic sensors of the cylinder, it only detects magnetic objects. The piston in the magnetic ring cylinder belongs to the belt. When the piston moves to the position of the reed switch, the magnetic field passes through the cylinder wall to make the switch close, so that the contact is turned on and the signal Pass to the control unit to realize the round-trip action.

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    It is good
    The product bought from ATO is very nice. The capacity of 10W is enough. 2-wire magnetic switch has excellent sensitivity. It meets our requirements. If necessary, it will be ordered again.
    From: Mia | Date: 22/07/2021
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