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    Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, Electric Type, 3-Wire-PNP

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    The 3-wire-PNP cylinder electric type magnetic sensor is used to detect the position of the cylinder stroke. There is no need to install a machine-controlled valve (or stroke switch) and its mounting frame at both ends of the stroke, and there is no need to set a bumper at the end of the piston rod, so it is convenient to use. Its structure is compact, very reliable, and has a long service life. The magnetic sensor's maximum contact capacity is 6 W. There is no doubt that the cylinder switch can fully meet your needs.
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    The  3-wire-PNP cylinder sensor is mainly used to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder, and the user can directly install it in the cylinder to use. As a detection device, the sensor is the primary link to realize automatic control and  detection, and it can meet the various requirements of users for equipment information transmission, processing, storage, recording, display and control. Note: our m


    Model ATO-DMS
    Item magnetic cylinder sensor, electric type, 3-wire-PNP
    Voltage 5V-30V DC
    Maximum Switching Current 30V/200mA Max
    Maximum Contact Capacity 6W Max
    Internal Current Consumption 5mA Max
    Internal Residual Voltage 0.7V Max
    Leakage Current 0.01mA Max
    Maximum Switching Frequency 1000Hz
    Impact Resistance 50G
    Protection Circuit  Reverse polarity protection Surge protection
    Working Temperature  -10℃~70℃
    Standard CE marking, RoHS

    Selection table

    Cross Section Types G, GS, H, HS, E, J
    Protection Level General type-IP64, Waterproof type-IP68
    Lead Wire Length 2m (default) 3m, 5m, 10m (customize)

    Dimension (Unit=mm)

    cross section types

    magnetic sensor dimension

    Connection method

    Magnetic sensor connection

    Tips: Possible causes of magnetic switch failure

    The  3-wire-PNP magnetic sensor is fixed in the groove on the outer wall of the cylinder. There is a magnetic ring on the cylinder piston that moves with the piston. When the piston moves near the magnetic switch, the magnetism of the magnet will cause the magnetic switch to send out a signal. The light is only for easy identification.
    When the cylinder is working normally, the position of the magnetic switch is fixed at the ends of the two ends of the cylinder, the indicator light will be on at the two points of the piston rod at 0 stroke and full stroke. If the light on the magnetic switch is off, it means the installation position is wrong. After adjusting to the accurate position, it needs to be fixed and the position cannot be changed casually.
    If the magnetic switch cannot accurately send out signals, it may be:
    1. The magnetic switch does not match the cylinder.
    2. The internal coil of the magnetic switch is damaged.

    Existing reviews of Magnetic Cylinder Sensor, Electric Type, 3-Wire-PNP
    This sensor is more precise than I expected!
    In testing, the magnetic cylinder sensor was accurate an average of .03 MM. More precise than I expected, and unlike my last probe. I am very pleased with this sensor and I would recommend it 100%.
    From: Burns | Date: 06/05/2022
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