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    4 hp (3 kW) Brushless DC Motor, 48V/72V/96V, 10Nm

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    4 hp (3 kW) 3-phase brushless dc electric motor comes with 130mm flange size, 3000 rpm rated speed, 10 Nm holding torque and peak torque up to 30 Nm. 48V/ 72V/ 96V high torque bldc motor combines with controller best for electric car.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-3000R3
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    Good price 3000W (4hp) bldc motor operating at 48 volt, 72 volt, 96 volt, 3000rpm, 10Nm rated torque, IP65 protection grade, brushless design for very long service life. Adding brake option, matching 3 phase brushless dc motor controller and planetary gearbox/ worm gearbox are available here. ATO recommends buying a set of BLDC motors, which is an economical solution in the long run.


    • High performance and low consumption.
      3kW brushless dc motor is three phase electric motor, which especially suited for application requiring higher efficiency and power density.
    • Wide application range and good control effect.
      BLDC motor works with a matching controller (ATOTH-G) may achieve simple to complex control, turn from CW to CCW, and meet various communication requirements (RS232, RS485, CAN, etc.). BLDC controller can be controlled through 0-5VDC analog signal to adjust the speed.
    • Wide control speed torque range.
      Brushless dc motor works with a planetary gearbox (choose inline gearbox or right angle gearbox with gear ratio from 3:1 to 200:1) effectively reduce the motor's speed and moment of inertia to increase torque in your application, because the gearbox can control the start/stop and change speed in time.
    • Low noise and smooth operation.
      Brushless dc motor has no brushes, no sparks will be generated during operation, which greatly reduces friction.
    • Good protection performance and continuous duty (24/7).
      4hp BLDC motor kit adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and works continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.


    Model ATO-130WDM10030 (Click it to see more motor specs)
    Matched Controller Model ATOTH-G (Click it to see more controller specs)
    Square Flange Size 130 mm
    Phase 3 phase
    Number of Pole 4 pairs of poles (8 poles)
    Rated Voltage 48V DC 72V DC 96V DC
    Rated Current 77 A 51.3 A 38.5 A
    Rated Power 3000 W
    Maximum Power 9.4 kW
    Holding Torque 10 Nm
    Peak Torque 30 Nm
    Rated Speed 3000 rpm
    Maximum Speed 3600 rpm
    Electric Potential 48V: 13.3 V/Krpm, 72V: 20.0 V/Krpm, 96V: 26.0 V/Krpm
    Efficiency 85%
    Brake Apparatus Voltage 24V DC, (If 24V voltage is not connected, the motor brake)
    Brake length: 40-50mm
    Motor Lead Length by Default 30 cm, if buy a kit (motor+controller), extra 1 meter of wire shall be provided.
    Warranty Time 12 months
    Certificate CE, ROHs, ISO/TS16949
    Insulation Rank F
    Protection Rank IP65
    Temperature -20~55℃
    Humidity <90%RH (no dewing)
    Motor Weight 12kg
    What Parameters of ATO BLDC motor Can Be Customized?
    Power Yes
    Voltage Yes
    Speed Yes
    Shaft Yes
    Motor Length Yes
    Motor Lead Yes


    Power Wire Power Line Color Red Yellow Blue
    Motor Winding U V W
    Feedback Wire Hall Line Color Orange and Black Orange Yellow Blue Green
    Hall Signal Definition 5V 0V Hall A Hall B Hall C
    Plug serial number 1 2 3 4 5


    3kw 3000rpm bldc motor size


    BLDC motor and hall relationship


    ATO-130WDM10030-48V speed torque curve

    TIPS: How Does Brushless DC Motor Drain Oil?

    Brushless DC motors bring convenience to people's work. Brushless DC motors are used to transport oil and have different delivery requirements on different occasions. How does brushless DC motor drain oil?

    1. If you want to drain all the oil form the Brushless DC motors, you can unscrew the oil plug in the lower part of the box to drain the oil.
    2. In the case of draining oil, the liquid level from the fuel tank roof height shall not be more than 30 mm, to ensure that the bearing lubrication and cooling machine. When the jack cavity volume is too large, the need for separate set attached to the tank to ensure that the minimum height of the liquid after the oil discharge is not less than 100 mm to avoid suction air.
    3. The oil shall be changed and the fuel tank and the filter shall be cleaned after the speed-adjustable hydraulic brushless DC motor run for 500h for the first time. Oil quality shall be tested by visual inspection and tests, and the oil should be changed in time when the oil quality deteriorated. Oil change must be accompanied by tank cleaning and oil filter. If there is metal shaving or water in the oil, look for the cause and troubleshoot.
    4. The bearing relies on the oil of the plunger spring in a short time when the liquid level reduces, oil tank filter and the machine oil filter are made of 230 mesh/ inch copper wire mesh, the oil filter should be regularly cleaned in order to prevent clogging, tank fluid temperature should not exceed 60℃ while using, and take appropriate measures to cool it down if necessary.

    1. Controller User Manual.pdf

    2. BLDC Motor Wiring Instruction.pdf

    3. ATO BLDC Motors Catalog.pdf

    ATO High Torque BLDC Motor Drawings & Price List


    1. ATO highly recommends 48V motors because all models of 48V are in stock, the price is cheaper and the delivery time is shorter, only about 7 days.

    2. 24V/ 72V/ 96V motors are generally not in stock, need to be produced by the factory, which will cost more to start the production line and the delivery time will be longer, about 25 days.

    3. The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.

    Model Motor Price Controller Price Rated Power Rated Speed Rated Torque Rotor Inertia Motor Weight
    (USD/Piece) (USD/Piece) (kW)  (RPM) (Nm) (Kgcm2) (Kg)
    80mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-80WDM01330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 458.24 395.52 0.41 3000 1.3 0.6 2.4
    48V: 305.49
    72/96V: 580.43
    ATO-80WDM02420 24/48/72/96V 24V: 564.53 395.52 0.5 2000 2.4 0.8 3
    48V: 376.35
    72/96V: 715.06
    ATO-80WDM02430 24/48/72/96V 24V: 529.16 395.52 0.75 3000 2.4 0.8 3
    48V: 352.77
    72/96V: 670.26
    ATO-80WDM03320 24/48/72/96V 24V: 597.68 395.52 0.69 2000 3.3 1.1 3
    48V: 398.45
    72/96V: 757.36
    ATO-80WDM03330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 639.27 395.52 1.04 3000 3.3 1.1 3
    48V: 426.18
    72/96V: 809.74
    110mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-110WDM02020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 687.38 395.52 0.4 2000 2 3.3 3.2
    48V: 458.25
    72/96V: 824.85
    ATO-110WDM02030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 745.11 395.52 0.6 3000 2 3.3 3.2
    48V: 496.74
    72/96V: 894.13
    ATO-110WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 779.86 395.52 0.4 1000 4 6.5 5.65
    48V: 519.93
    72/96V: 935.87
    ATO-110WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 788.57 395.52 0.8 2000 4 6.5 5.65
    48V: 525.71
    72/96V: 988.33
    ATO-110WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 798.63 653.05 1.3 3000 4 6.5 5.65
    48V: 532.42
    72/96V: 1001.95
    ATO-110WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 758.82 395.52 0.6 1000 6 10 6.6
    48V: 505.88
    72/96V: 956.69
    ATO-110WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 819.59 653.05 1.3 2000 6 10 6.6
    48V: 546.39
    72/96V: 1010.82
    ATO-110WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 995.94 653.05 1.9 3000 6 10 6.6
    48V: 553.28
    72/96V: 1051.23
    130mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-130WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 876.95 395.52 0.4 1000 4 10.4 6.7
    48V: 584.62
    72/96V: 1099.08
    ATO-130WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 910.67 395.52 0.8 2000 4 10.4 6.7
    48V: 607.13
    72/96V: 1104.98
    ATO-130WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 959.18 653.05 1.3 3000 4 10.4 6.7
    48V: 639.45
    72/96V: 1151.01
    ATO-130WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 987.65 395.52 0.6 1000 6 12.4 7.7
    48V: 658.43
    72/96V: 1185.17
    ATO-130WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1012.23 653.05 1.3 2000 6 12.4 7.7
    48V: 674.82
    72/96V: 1147.19
    ATO-130WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1047.72 653.05 1.9 3000 6 12.4 7.7
    48V: 698.48
    72/96V: 1208.34
    ATO-130WDM07710 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1060.07 395.52 0.8 1000 7.7 15.8 9.05
    48V: 706.71
    72/96V: 1257.94
    ATO-130WDM07720 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1093.21 653.05 1.6 2000 7.7 15.8 9.05
    48V: 738.65
    72/96V: 1292.64
    ATO-130WDM07730 48/72/96V 48V: 751.52 653.05 2.3 3000 7.7 15.8 9.05
    72/96V: 1337.71
    ATO-130WDM10010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1161.55 653.05 1 1000 10 21.4 12
    48V: 784.83
    72/96V: 1396.89
    ATO-130WDM10020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1224.36 653.05 2 2000 10 21.4 12
    48V: 816.24
    72/96V: 1371.28
    ATO-130WDM10030 48/72/96V 48V: 879.12 898.21 3.1 3000 10 21.4 12
    72/96V: 1450.55
    ATO-130WDM15010 24/48/72/96V 24V:1311.88 653.05 1.6 1000 15 32.4 12
    48V: 936.47
    72/96V: 1498.35
    ATO-130WDM15020 48/72/96V 48V: 1086.36 898.21 3.1 2000 15 32.4 12
    72/96V: 1738.17
    ATO-130WDM15030 48/72/96V 48V: 1127.54 1119.07 4.7 3000 15 32.4 12
    72/96V: 1804.64
    180mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-180WDM12010 48/72/96V 48V: 1246.31 653.05 1.3 1000 12 32.6  18.5
    72/96V: 1994.09
    ATO-180WDM12020 48/72/96V 48V: 1323.69 653.05 2.5 2000 12 32.6 18.5
    72/96V: 2117.91
    ATO-180WDM12030 48/72/96V 48V: 1398.84 898.21 3.8 3000 12 38 18.5
    72/96V: 2238.14
    ATO-180WDM16010 48/72/96V 48V: 1555.69 653.05 1.7 1000 16 55 18.6
    72/96V: 2411.32
    ATO-180WDM16020 48/72/96V 48V: 1625.36 898.21 3.4 2000 16 55 18.6
    72/96V: 2568.07
    ATO-180WDM16030 48/72/96V 48V: 1745.93 1119.07 5 3000 16 55 18.6
    72/96V: 2618.89
    ATO-180WDM25010 48/72/96V 48V: 2012.54 653.05 2.6 1000 25 55 26
    72/96V: 3179.81
    ATO-180WDM25020 48/72/96V 48V: 2274.19 1119.07 5.2 2000 25  93 26
    72/96V: 3411.26
    ATO-180WDM25030 48/72/96V 48V: 2448.58 1531.99 7.9 3000 25  93 26
    72/96V: 3672.87
    ATO-180WDM36010 48/72/96V 48V: 2644.28 898.21 3.8 1000 36 148 30
    72/96V: 3966.42
    ATO-180WDM36020 48/72/96V 48V: 2832.56 1119.07 7.5 2000 36 148 30
    72/96V: 4248.84
    ATO-180WDM36030 72/96V 72/96V: 4334.69 1885.15 11.3 3000 36 148 30
    ATO-180WDM50010 48/72/96V 48V: 3284.58 1119.07 5.2 1000 50 165 38
    72/96V: 4556.41
    ATO-180WDM50020 48/72/96V 48V: 4344.12 1531.99 10.8 2000 50 165 38
    72/96V: 5994.72
    ATO-180WDM50030 96V 96V: 6204.65 2261.84 15.7 3000 50 165 38

    Wiring ATO High Torque BLDC Motor With Controller

    In this video, we will show you how to connect a ATO 400W-15kW 24V/48V/72V/96V high torque brushless DC motor with the matching controller.

    How to Make Your BLDC Motor Forward and Reverse Control

    If you want your electric car to be more powerful, try using ATO high torque BLDC motor kit as the power unit. It is a good idea. Refer to the video step by step to operate, you can achieve the forward and reverse control of the brushless DC motor.


    Existing reviews of 4 hp (3 kW) Brushless DC Motor, 48V/72V/96V, 10Nm
    What is the phase-to-phase resistance of this 4HP 48V BLDC motor?
    I am trying to figure out the stall current of your 4HP BLDC motor, or if you can give me the phase-to-phase resistance of the motor, 48V version?
    From: Gabriel Isko | Date: 14/05/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    ATO Responded
    The phase-to-phase resistance of the motor is 0.09 Ω.
    I'm not really sure what adding the brake do
    Hey, I'm looking at the 4hp (3 kW) 48V/72V/96V Brushless DC Motor, and I'm not really sure what adding the brake do, is it just for the motor to brake faster or the a type of energie recuperation system. ( just like electric cars).
    From: Daniel Pilon | Date: 20/04/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    It is electromagnetic brake "24VDC" for emergency stop at the moment.
    Motor flange IEC/Output diameters of the shafts
    Is it possible to make a motor flange according to standard IEC B5, B14?

    Can the output diameters of the shafts of motors or planetary gearboxes be changed?
    From: Vladimir | Date: 14/12/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    1. Sorry, the flange of our bldc motor can only be made as shown in our dimension drawings, not IEC B5, B14.
    2. The shaft diameter of motor or planetary gearboxes cannot be changed.
    The poles of a 10Nm brushless DC motor
    How many poles does the 4HP brushless DC motor have?
    From: Blain | Date: 11/03/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    The 4HP brushless DC motor has a total of 4 pole pairs.
    parameter value BLDC 96V, 10Nm
    I am trying to figure out few changes in controller therefore I need to know the phase to phase resistance, Inductance and torque constant of 96V variant.
    From: AYUSH | Date: 07/04/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Because the 96v 4hp 3kW brushless DC motor is a customized product, the data of each product will be somewhat different, so it is necessary to measure the phase-to-phase resistance, inductance, and torque constant after it is produced.
    Rotation direction of 4hp brushless DC motor
    Is it possible to differ the turning direction (clockwise/counter clockwise) of your 4 hp (3 kW) brushless DC motor, 48V/72V/96V, 10Nm electricity?
    From: Allison | Date: 19/08/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, of course. You can do that via a motor controller.
    Winding inductance of 4hp brushless DC motor
    Our engineering group needs to select a higher power motor of your brand, but because we use our own driving electronics, we need to know what the inductance of the windings of this 3kW BLDC motor is?
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-3000R3?
    From: Tampa | Date: 20/08/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Ok, Inductance of the winding is: 0.09Ω 25uh.
    Tasks performed by a 4hp brushless DC motor
    For what duty (S1-S8) is the ATO-130WDM10030 BLDC motor designed?
    From: Brucek | Date: 26/08/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Continuous // S1
    I am interested in your 3kw brushless DC motor
    I want to purchase 4 motors 3kw (72V). 2 of which will be with an external brake. The rest will be controlled by the controller. I am interested in the holding torque of the motor when using the controller in the (Brake) mode without an external brake. It can be 5-10 Nm.
    From: Andrewm | Date: 09/09/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Our BLDC motor ATO-130WDM10030-72V, its holding torque is 10NM, and its brake is connected with the motor, which can only be controlled by the external 24V power supply alone, and the controller itself has no braking function.
    Write your review for 4 hp (3 kW) Brushless DC Motor, 48V/72V/96V, 10Nm
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