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    5000 rpm 12V 24V Small Brushless DC Motor

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    The provided 12V/ 24V ATO BLDC motor has excellent torque characteristics, three phase 4 pole, delivers 5000 rpm high speed dynamic operation, brushless design for a long life, is intended to fill the need for a small motor with high performance.
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    Small Brushless DC motor Description
    High quality 5000 rpm brushless DC motor with low cost, small size, 20W power, providing 36.7 mN.m rated torque, high-temperature resistance, strong load capacity, sturdy and durable, 12 volt, 24 volt voltage for selection.

    5000 rpm High Speed BLDC Motor Specifications

    Basics Model ATOWS4255-50
    Type Micro Brushless DC Motor
    Weight 210g
    Size D:42mm, L:55mm
    Usage Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Home Appliance, Industrial Equiment
    Technical Parameters Number of Phase 3 phase
    Number of Pole 4 pole
    Rated Power 20W
    Rated Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
    Rated Current 1.8A 0.9A
    Noload Current 0.27A 0.13A
    Rated Speed 3900 rpm
    Noload Speed 5000 rpm
    Rated Torque 36.7 mN.m
    Construction Permanent Magnet
    Bearing NMB Ball Bearing
    Efficiency 90%
    Motor Housing Stainless steel
    Insulation Class Class B
    Protect Feature Explosion-proof
    Wiring Diagram Pin 1 Red +5V
    Pin 2 Purple Hall A
    Pin 3 Green Hall B
    Pin 4 Grey Hall C
    Pin 5 Black GND
    Pin 6 Yellow Phase A
    Pin 7 Blue Phase B
    Pin 8 White Phase C
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    12V/24V Small BLDC Motor Dimension

    13000 rpm bldc motor dimension


    5000rpm High Speed Brushless DC Motor Details

    Tips: Starting Mode of Mini BLDC Motor

    Why can't a mini brushless DC motor start directly? The motor would produce dangerous sparks at the moment of starting, the sparks burn out the commutator and damage the winding, but also cause large fluctuations in the grid voltage, thus leading to accidents.
    1. Resistance and inductance of BLDC motor's armature loop are small, while the rotor has certain mechanical inertia, so when the BLDC motor is powered on, the armature speed and corresponding back electromotive force are small at the initial stage of starting, the starting current is quite large, which could be 15~20 times of rated current. This current may disturb the power grid, impose mechanical impact to the generator sets and cause sparks at the commutator. Therefore, direct starting is only applicable for the motor below 4KW.
    2. Start mode of the DC motor includes direct switching-in starting, series resistance starting and voltage drop starting.
    3. In order to restrain the starting current, starting control of brushless DC motor is generally voltage drop starting method or series resistance starting method. For example, the city tram starts frequently, to simplify equipment, reduce weight and facilitate operation and maintenance, series resistance starting method is commonly used.

    Existing reviews of 5000 rpm 12V 24V Small Brushless DC Motor
    question for Motor selection
    I need a motor with Rated torque of 170 Nm, rated speed of 5000 rpm, and power of 150kW , Can you guide me which motor would be best for these requirements? Provide me with the link of the respective motor
    From: Ahmed | Date: 29/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Sorry, we don't have a motor with this specification you are talking about at the moment.
    Works great
    Highly recommend this brushless motor. I bought it and threw it on a razor bike with a 48v battery been working perfect. I use it everyday for my paper route it's a good price and works great.
    From: Beyn | Date: 18/04/2022
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    Questions when buying a BLDC motor
    Can you provide an extended double shaft BLDC motor with 2 warm gear boxes and with customized specs?
    From: Marcig | Date: 23/11/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, sure. Just indicate your detailed specs.
    Speed of 12V 24V small brushless DC motor
    Can your 12V 24V small brushless DC motor reach 6000rpm?
    From: Ortakales | Date: 01/04/2021
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    ATO Responded
    It cannot reach the speed of 6000rpm, and its maximum speed is 5000rpm.
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