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    How to Operate Cabinet Frequency Converter?

    Frequency converter is a power control equipment that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control AC motor by changing the working power frequency of the motor. Inverter can provide the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, frequency converter has been widely used.

    In this article, we're gonna tell the operating steps of our cabinet frequency converter. It's rated at 220V AC for input power source, and 5 kVA in capacity.

    First, press the button to flip on the lock and pull open the cover. The input and output wiring section is located inside. Remove the cover plate using a screwdriver. And the arrangement of wiring terminals appears in front of you. Uncover the terminal block. As the label below describes, the left two lines are used for input connection and the two lines to the right are for output connection with the red terminal being live and the blue one being neutral. The middle line of terminals is for ground connection.

    Cabinet frequency converter press the button

    Second, screw up the live and neutral wires on the input side to finish input wiring. Fasten up the ground wire in the same way to make sure the device is properly grounded. Now the wiring is done. Shut the protection cover.

    Cabinet frequency converter screw up

    Third, flip on the input breaker switch. Press the green button to power on the device. The default frequency and voltage show 60Hz and 110V. The frequency can be adjusted by pressing those tiny buttons. And you can regulate the amount of voltage turning this knob. And we’re gonna set the voltage to 120V. Flip on the output breaker to complete the circuit. Attach the probes to the output terminals to measure the output. As you can see, the meter registers 120V for voltage. Let's check out the frequency. It's 60Hz. Then we'll convert the frequency to 50Hz, and switch to higher voltage range pressing the yellow button. The yellow button is lightened and the voltage has been set to the higher range.

    Flip on input breaker

    Finally, turn down the voltage to 230V. And flip on the output breaker switch. Continue to use the meter to test the circuit. It reads 230V in voltage, and 50Hz for frequency. The result shows the converter works perfectly. To shut down the device, flip off the output breaker, restore the yellow button, press the red OFF button and turn off the input breaker.

    Turn down voltage on 230V

    The above is the operating procedure of cabinet inverter. If you want to learn more about frequency converter in ATO online shop, please click the following video.

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