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    What is Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter?

    Traditional phase conversion system adopts rotary transformation technology, which has 50 years of history and simple product structure in early times. It consists of a transformer, three-phase motor, capacitor and relay control circuit. As long as the 220V power is connected, the auxiliary motor starts, the starting capacitor is disconnected and the motor is turned into a generator, thus producing missing phase. A fairly rough three-phase electric lead can be produced to provide power supply for other electrical equipment. Such a traditional conversion system doesn't have the adaptive control function, so there are many defects in its application. When the load varies widely, the three-phase output voltage will be unbalanced. At free load or light load conditions, the output voltage will rise to more than 25% of the rated output voltage; When the load is too large, it will also greatly reduce the output voltage, making it difficult for the device to start or stop running. However, the single phase to 3 phase power converter of ATO uses many important new technologies, the newly invented built-in micro-control computer control program makes our products to have a qualitative leap in conversion efficiency and performance.Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter

    As the world's most advanced control technology of micro information processor has been adopted at present, real-time monitoring and supervision are also carried out to the working state of the single phase to 3 phase converter, the best output matching and more than 90% conversion efficiency are achieved. For example, automatic switching of up to 9 sets of capacitors, thus achieving the best three-phase balance and the highest conversion efficiency.

    In case of abnormal input or output voltage, start the protection circuit quickly and cut off 220V input or three-phase output to prevent equipment damage. Thyristor zero current switching phase-shifting capacitor has fast switching time and produce no spark at connection or disconnection, it would not produce a high-frequency electronic interference that affects other electronic devices. Good full load starter (hard start) characteristics.

    LED digital display indicates the connection status of load and the fault locations (such as output phase deficiency, overload hard start fails, L2 phase voltage is too high). ATO power supply has various types and a series of advantages, such as strong adaptability to load, quick response protection function, low noise operation, no high-frequency electromagnetic interference, meeting the requirements of green environmental protection, and easy installation, operation and movement. We can provide more reliable, economical and convenient choices for manufacturers, distributors, township enterprises, primary and secondary schools, scientific research and testing units that need three-phase power supply, as well as bringing the way to "get rich" for rural users far away from cities and towns.

    Therefore, ATO single phase to 3 phase converter can provide a more reliable, economic, and convenient choice for these user, 3kW, 10kW to 20 kW for selection. And you will get more discounts on

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