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    Frequency Converter vs. Variable Frequency Drive

    What is the frequency converter? Frequency converter outputs the AC power to pure sine wave after the transformation of AC→DC→AC, the output frequency and voltage can be adjusted within a certain range. It is different from the variable frequency drive (VFD) used for motor speed regulation, and also different from the common AC regulated power supply. An ideal AC power supply is characterized by stable frequency, stable voltage, zero internal resistance and pure sinusoidal voltage waveform (without distortion). Frequency converter is quite close to the ideal AC power supply, so more and more countries use it as standard power supply to provide the best power supply environment for electrical appliances, so as to assess the technical performance of electrical appliances.

    Frequency Converter Buying Guide

    Correct selection of the frequency converter or frequency changer is crucial for the normal operation of electronic control system for mechanical equipment. To buy the frequency converter, according to the type of mechanical equipment, load torque characteristics, speed regulation range, static speed accuracy, starting torque and the requirements of the use environment, and then choose the suitable frequency converter.
    Before selecting the frequency converter (AC power supply), we should firstly make clear the input mode of load, it is three phase or single phase? Secondly, determine the load characteristics, such as resistive load, inductive load, capacitive load, mixed load. Since different load characteristics will cause different inrush currents when the load starts, the influence of inrush current must be considered when buying the frequency converter, otherwise converter will not output normally.