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    How to Program a Three Phase Motor with a VFD?

    Why 220V VFD can be connected to three phase motor?

    This is because the structure of the inverter is AC-DC-AC. Whether single-phase 220V or three-phase 380V, the input AC power must first pass through a three phase rectifier bridge or a single-phase rectifier bridge to convert the AC power into DC power, and then use the point The capacitor filter is removed, and  it becomes a DC power supply with relatively flat ripples. Next, the three-phase bridge-type urinal controlled by the chip converts the DC power supply into a three-phase AC power supply whose frequency and voltage can be controlled arbitrarily.

    1 Phase to 3 phase vfd

    120V to 220V VFD programing for 3 phase motor

    VFD parameter setting

    Parameters setting:

    • FE-00=0 (PV inverter selection, 0=disabled)
    • F0 Group (Basic Function Parameters)
    • F0-00=2 (Fan, Water pump load models)
    • F0-02=0 (Keypad control)
    • F0-03=4 (Keypad potentiometer)
    • F0-10=70 (Maximum frequency)
    • F0-12=50 (Frequency upper limit)
    • F0-14=0 (Frequency lower limit)
    • F0-17=5.00 (Acceleration time)
    • F0-18=5.00 (Deceleration time)

    F1 Group ( Motor Parameter)

    • F1-00=0 (General asynchronous motor)
    • F1-01=0.8 (Rated motor power)
    • F1-02=220 (Rated motor voltage)
    • F1-03=4.0 (Rated motor current)
    • F1-04=50 (Rated motor frequency)
    • F1-05=1340 (Rated motor speed)

    Run the vfd

    Press RUN button

    Adjust the panel

    Adjust panel potentiometer, motor speed starts to increase.

    3 Phase motor

    ATO offers 1hp, 2hp, 5hp to 7.5 hp single phase 110v-120v input, single phase and three phase 220v-240v output VFD designed for driving single/three phase AC motor via 120v power supply. Check out a more detailed technical instruction video on:

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