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    AC/DC Voltage Sensor 75mV to 500V, RMS 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA Output

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    Voltage sensor has voltage measuring range from AC/DC 75mV/50V/100V/250V/300V to 500V, supply voltage DC 12V/24V, output DC voltage/current or True RMS voltage/current signal 0-5V/0-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA and protection class IP20. AC/DC voltage sensor has two installation methods, DIN rail installation and M3 screw fixation.
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    AC/DC voltage sensor has measuring range of AC/DC 75mV/30V/50V/100V/250V/300V to 500V.


    Model ATO-WBV122S01 ATO-WBV124S01 ATO-WBV125S01 ATO-WBV127S01
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Measuring range of input voltage * AC/DC 0-75mV ~ 0-500V
    Short-time overload 2 times of nominal input voltage, 1s in duration, interval time 10s, repeat 10 times
    Linear measurement range 0% ~ 120% measuring range
    Frequency range ±DC/20Hz ~ 10kHz
    Input impedance When Ux>1V, Ri=Ux*10kΩ/V; when Ux≤1V, Ri≥1MΩ
    Output signal * DC 0-5V, 0-10V (only for power supply DC 24V) DC 4-20mA, 0-20mA True RMS DC 0-5V, 0-10V (only for power supply DC 24V) True RMS DC 4-20mA, 0-20mA
    Power supply * DC 12V±10%, DC 24V±10%
    Accuracy 0.5%F.S.
    Load capacity 5mA 6V 5mA 6V
    Response time ≤250ms
    Temperature drift 250*10-6/℃ 300*10-6/℃ 250*10-6/℃ 300*10-6/℃
    Static current ≤34mA Output 0-20mA: ≤34mA
    Output 4-20mA: ≤38mA
    ≤30mA ≤40mA
    Isolation features Isolation between input and output, output terminals provides power supply
    Isolation voltage DC 1.5kV, 1 min
    Work temperature -25~+70℃ -25~+70℃ 0~+50℃ 0~+50℃
    Storage temperature -25~+70℃ -25~+70℃ -25~+70℃ -25~+70℃
    Input/Output isolation capacitance - 6pF (below 1kHz)
    Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) - 160dB (under condition of 50Hz)
    Protection class IP20
    Mean time between failures >50000h
    Housing material Fire-retardant ABS
    Wiring Terminal connection
    Installation DIN rail (NS35/7.5, NS35/15, EN50022), or screw (M3) fixation

    AC/DC voltage sensor 75mV to 500V dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    AC/DC voltage sensor 75mV/100V/250V/300V to 500V dimension
    AC/DC voltage sensor 75mV to 500V wiring diagram:
    (The left diagram is for voltage output, the right diagram is for current output.)
    AC/DC voltage sensor 75mV/100V/250V/300V to 500V wiring
    Tips: How to install the voltage sensor?

    There are 3 installation methods of voltage sensor:

    1. Pin-welding installation of the circuit board: Make lines on the circuit board, and weld the voltage sensor to the circuit board like a component. Its advantages are small size, light weight, space saving and easy installation.
    2. Screw fixation installation: The voltage sensor is screwed to the bottom of the chassis or a fixed position, and the external connection is through a variety of different terminals. The advantages are very firm and easy to disassemble.
    3. DIN rail installation: There is a standard 35mm wide dovetail groove on the bottom of the voltage sensor, which can be installed at DIN rail. Its advantages are convenient, versatile, and suitable for field work installation.
    Existing reviews of AC/DC Voltage Sensor 75mV to 500V, RMS 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA/0-20mA Output
    Good voltage sensor
    Very easy to use and clear installation. The AC voltage sensor works perfectly and is very affordable. It’s very suitable to drive the motors for a robot. If it needs to be used for larger motors, I could choose one with a larger measuring range. The instructions for use are very detailed. I am going to buy a few more.
    From: Rudra | Date: 26/07/2021
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