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    AC Current Sensor, 1A/2A/10A/30A/50A/100A to 150A

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    AC current sensor adopts linear electromagnetic isolation principle, best cost performance, fast response, high accuracy, good stability, small size, light weight, 4mm/8mm/12mm/15mm hole diameter, and DIN rail installation. AC current sensor is widely used for AC current measurement of various occasions, especially for sine-wave ac current with power frequency 50Hz.
    SKU: ATO-CUS-AC150
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    AC current sensor has measuring range of 1A/2A/5A/10A/20A/30A/50A to 150A.


    Shipping weight 0.5kg
    Measuring range of input current * AC 0-150A
    Output signal * DC 4-20mA, DC 0-20mA, DC 1-5V, DC 0-5V, DC 0-10V (customizable)
    Power supply * DC 24V, DC 12V, AC 220V, AC 110V (customizable)
    Accuracy 0.5%F.S.
    Isolation voltage 3kV/50Hz/1min
    Offset voltage ≤10mV
    Temperature drift ≤100PPM/℃
    Frequency bandwidth 20~50kHz
    Current consumption <5mA
    Load capacity Voltage output: 5mA, current output: 6V
    Response time <250ms
    Overload capacity 30 times nominal input
    Work temperature -10~+70℃
    Storage temperature -25~+85℃
    Measuring method Through-hole
    Hole diameter * 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm
    Installation DIN rail and screw fixation

    Dimension and wiring diagram:
    AC current sensor 1A to 150A dimension and wiring
    Tips: How to improve the performance of ac current sensor?

    1. Method of improving accuracy

    1. Primary side wire of ac current sensor shall be placed in the center of the sensor hole, don't place it deflected.
    2. Diameter of the primary side wire shall fill the hole of the sensor, don't leave a big gap.
    3. The quantity of electricity to be measured should be close to the standard measurement rating Ii of ac current sensor. If conditions are limited, please measure the low level of electricity with a high measuring range sensor. To improve the measuring accuracy, the primary side wire can be wound by several circles of N through the primary side hole, so as to ensure that ampere-turns Ni is close to the rated current Ii.

    In addition to the above methods, attentions shall also be paid to installation wiring, work environment and instant calibration.

    2. Obtain good dynamic characteristics and sensitivity
    In order to obtain good dynamic characteristics, namely the quick reaction time and tracking velocity, the primary side wire shall insert the primary side hole solely. And the wire shall be full of hole.
    3. The temperature of primary side current line or flat cable shall not exceed 80℃.

    Existing reviews of AC Current Sensor, 1A/2A/10A/30A/50A/100A to 150A
    Measuring motor current
    I used this current sensor for measuring motor current. Motor specifications: AC 380V, three-phase, 7.5kW. I selected current sensor 0-50A measuring range. The effect is relatively good. The error is relatively small, even for small current.
    From: Russell | Date: 27/07/2018
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