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    Hall Effect Current Sensor 50A/100A/300A/800A/1200A to 1500A

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    Hall effect current sensors are AC/DC universal current sensors, with split-core structure, 5us fast response time, 1.0%FS accuracy, 0-5V/ 0-±5VDC output signal, ±15V power supply, fixed installation. Open loop current sensors are widely used for AC and DC current monitoring, system signal acquisition and feedback control.
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    Hall effect current sensor has measuring range of AC/DC 50A/100A/200A/300A/400A/500A/600A/800A/1000A/1200A to 1500A.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Hole diameter * 20mm 40mm 55mm
    Measuring range of input current * AC/DC 0-50A ~ 0-500A AC/DC 0-200A ~ 0-1000A AC/DC 0-500A ~ 0-1500A
    Output signal * 0-5VAC/DC, 0-±5VDC (for bidirectional current measurement)
    Zero offset voltage ±20mV
    Offset voltage drift ≤±1.0mV/℃
    Linearity ≤0.2%FS
    Power supply ±15VDC ±10%
    Accuracy 1.0%F.S.
    Bandwidth 0~20kHz
    Response time ≤5us
    Withstand voltage AC 2500V (between input, output and power supply)
    Work temperature -25~+70℃
    Storage temperature -40~+85℃
    Humidity ≤95%RH (no dew formation, no corrosive gas)
    Elevation ≤3500m
    Measuring method Split-core type
    Installation Screw fixation

    50A to 1500A AC/DC current sensor dimensional diagram:
    Current sensor 50A/100A/300A/1000A to 1500A dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    W H D Φ (Hole diameter)
    M (Mounting)
    ATO-AHKC-EKA 60 64 16 20 47
    ATO-AHKC-EKB 100 102 24 40 80
    ATO-AHKC-EKC 115 110 27 55 95.5

    50A to 1500A AC/DC current sensor wiring diagram:
    Hall effect current sensor 50A/100A/800A/1000A to 1500A wiring diagram


    50a to 1500A Current Sensor Details

    Tips: Application of Hall effect current sensor in current monitoring of electric welding machine
    In manufacturing, the real-time current monitoring data acquisition of electric welding machine needs to use current sensors. In the electric welding machine circuit, the specific position of the current sensor is in the inside of the electric welding machine, which can provide effective current monitoring for the electric welding machine. Many inverter welding machines use Hall effect current sensors.
    The specific function of the current sensor in the electric welding machine is to detect the output current of the electric welding machine and pass the current sampling to the ammeter for display. Some current sensors need to transmit the current signal to the main control circuit, and the main control circuit stabilizes and adjusts the current shape according to the fluctuation. In the output feedback loop of the electric welding machine, this signal detection work of the current sensor is very important. If the current sensor is abnormal, it will cause the electric welding machine output current out of control, which will serious damage to the electric welding machine inverter device.

    Existing reviews of Hall Effect Current Sensor 50A/100A/300A/800A/1200A to 1500A
    Is our order shipped wrongly?
    We explicitly ordered a current sensor with DC 0-5V output signal.
    With DC output in the range of 0-5V, one would not expect the AC output signal.
    Is this a wrong item shipped or expected behavior where clearly on order and spec it is written DC 0-5V output signal?
    From: Ridge | Date: 13/06/2024
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    ATO Responded
    Our current sensor can input AC and DC current. When AC current is input, the output signal is 0-5VAC. When DC current is input, the output signal is 0-5VDC.
    In the first and second measurement videos you provided, you input DC and AC currents to the sensor respectively, so the corresponding output signals are also DC and AC signals.
    I have some questions about current sensors
    I will be sensing motor current, 0-100mA DC. The motor will be reversing direction. What will happen when the polarity changes?
    From: Aaron | Date: 01/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    I will be sensing motor current, 0-100mA DC. The motor will be reversing direction. What will happen when the polarity changes?
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