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    DC Current Sensor 50A/100A/200A/500A/1000A to 1500A

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    Hall effect DC current sensors are open loop current sensors, with split-core structure, 1ms fast response time, 1.0%FS accuracy, 4-20mA output signal, 12V/24V power supply, fixed installation, excellent linearity and strong anti-interference capacity. DC current sensors are widely used for DC current monitoring, system signal acquisition and feedback control.
    SKU: ATO-CUS-DC1500
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    DC current sensor has measuring range of 50A/100A/200A/300A/400A/500A/600A/800A/1000A/1200A to 1500A.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Hole diameter * 20mm 40mm 55mm
    Measuring range of input current * DC 0-50A ~ 0-500A DC 0-200A ~ 0-1000A DC 0-500A ~ 0-1500A
    Output signal DC 4-20mA
    Zero offset current ±0.05mA
    Offset current drift ±0.04mA/℃
    Linearity ≤0.2%FS
    Power supply * DC 24V±10% or DC 12V±10%
    Accuracy 1.0%F.S.
    Response time ≤1ms
    Withstand voltage AC 2500V (between input, output and power supply)
    Work temperature -25~+70℃
    Storage temperature -40~+85℃
    Humidity ≤95%RH (no dew formation, no corrosive gas)
    Elevation ≤3500m
    Measuring method Split-core type
    Installation Screw fixation

    50A to 1500A DC current sensor dimensional diagram:
    Current sensor 50A/100A/500A/1000A to 1500A dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    W H D Φ (Hole diameter)
    M (Mounting)
    ATO-AHKC-EKAA 60 64 16 20 47
    ATO-AHKC-EKBA 100 102 24 40 80
    ATO-AHKC-EKCA 115 110 27 55 95.5

    50A to 1500A DC current sensor wiring diagram:
    Current sensor 50A/100A/500A/1000A to 1500A wiring diagram
    Tips: The advantages of Hall effect current sensor

    1. High accuracy: The precision of Hall effect current sensor is high, the accuracy is better than 1.0%FS in the operating temperature zone, some can reach 0.5%FS, and this accuracy is suitable for any waveform measurement. While the accuracy of general current transformer is generally 3~5%FS, and is only suitable for 50Hz sine wave.
    2. Good linearity: Hall current sensor has good linearity and is better than 0.1%.
    3. Dynamic performance: The Hall effect current sensor dynamic performance is very good. Some of the response time can be less than 5us, tracking speed di/dt is higher than 50A/μs, This excellent dynamic performance provides a key basis for improving the performance of modern control systems. Compared with this, the response time of ordinary current transformer is 10-12ms, which cannot meet the needs of the development of industrial control system.
    4. Working frequency band: The Hall current sensor has a wide working frequency band and the accuracy is 1% in the 0-100kHz frequency range. The accuracy is 0.5% in the 0-5kHz frequency range.
    5. Measuring range: The Hall current sensor measurement range is large. Hall sensor current measurement is up to 50000A, can measure AC and DC current, it also has no special requirements for waveform. AC current transformers can only measure AC current, and the frequency must be rated frequency, such as 50Hz. The error of current transformer for 60Hz measurement is relatively large. The output signal cannot be directly connect to the electronic detection circuit.
    6. Overload capacity: The Hall effect current sensor's overload capacity is very strong, when the original current overload, the current sensor reached saturation condition, it can be automatically protected, even if the overload current is 20 times to the rated value, the current sensor will not be damaged.

    In addition, Hall sensor also has the advantages of small size, light weight, high sensitivity and strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability. This makes Hall sensors be used in the industrial field extensively, and the market space is gradually increasing.

    Existing reviews of DC Current Sensor 50A/100A/200A/500A/1000A to 1500A
    Can DC current sensors be calibrated?
    Can your DC current sensor be calibrated? Is that what the adjustment screws are in blue?
    From: Sherylk | Date: 19/05/2021
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    ATO Responded
    This unit does not need to be calibrated, it should be used directly after purchase as it is already well calibrated before shipping out. The two potentiometers on the sensor are for the factory calibration.
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