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    Voltage Sensor for DC Bidirectional Voltage, Power Supply 12V/15V/24V

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    DC voltage sensor with supply voltage DC 12V/15V/24V is a special voltage sensor for bidirectional voltage tracking. The measuring range of input voltage is from ±50mV, ±50V, ±200V, ±500V to ±1000V. The output signal can be DC 2.5±2.5V, 5±5V, 12±8mA, or 10±10mA.
    SKU: ATO-VOS-BDC1000
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    DC voltage sensor has measuring range of DC ±50mV, ±50V, ±200V, ±500V to ±1000V.


    Model ATO-WBV151S01 ATO-WBV153S01
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Measuring range of input voltage * DC ±50mV ~ ±1000V
    Short-time overload 2 times of nominal input voltage, 1s in duration, interval time 10s, repeat 10 times
    Linear measurement range 0% ~ 120% measuring range
    Input impedance When Ux>1V, Ri=Ux*10kΩ/V; when Ux≤1V, Ri≥1MΩ
    Output signal * DC 2.5±2.5V, 5±5V DC 12±8mA, 10±10mA
    Power supply * DC 12V, 15V, 24V
    Accuracy 0.2%F.S. 0.5%F.S.
    Load capacity 5mA 6V
    Response time ≤15μs ≤100ms
    Temperature drift 160*10-6/℃ 350*10-6/℃
    Static current ≤30mA ≤33mA
    Isolation features Isolation between input and output, output terminals provides power supply
    Isolation voltage DC 2.5kV, 1min
    Work temperature -25~+70℃
    Storage temperature -25~+70℃
    Protection class of housing IP20
    Mean time between failures >50000h
    Housing material Fire-retardant ABS
    Wiring Terminal connection
    Installation DIN rail (NS35/7.5, NS35/15, EN50022), or screw (M3) fixation

    Voltage sensor for DC bidirectional voltage 50mV to 1000V dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    Voltage sensor for DC bidirectional voltage 50mV to 1000V dimension
    Voltage sensor for DC bidirectional voltage 50mV to 1000V wiring diagram:
    (The left diagram is for voltage output, the right diagram is for current output.)
    Voltage sensor for DC bidirectional voltage 50mV to 1000V wiring
    Tips: Application of battery voltage sensor

    With the development of industry, people pay more and more attention to the development of power. Among them, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is used more and more. Battery monitoring becomes the last barrier to ensure power operation.
    The measurement of battery pack voltage is sometimes difficult, because some UPS do not effectively filter the harmonics loaded into the battery during double conversion processing, resulting in the terminal voltage loaded at both ends of the battery containing a lot of harmonic components. This makes voltage measurement very difficult. At the same time, the measurement of the internal resistance of the single battery in the whole group of batteries, the measurement of the single battery voltage and even the transmission of the communication system have caused a lot of trouble. Effective and reliable monitoring of the battery pack voltage is a problem that needs to be solved, and the battery voltage sensor can avoid such high-frequency harmonic components.
    The measured voltage enters through the terminal input of voltage sensor, passes through the photoelectric isolation element, thus realizes the isolation measurement of the primary voltage, and after appropriate transformation, outputs a standard signal proportional to the DC voltage of the primary side, such as DC 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, etc.
    Because the photoelectric isolation element is not sensitive to AC harmonic components, the harmonics loaded by the high-frequency UPS to both ends of the battery will not have any adverse effect on the output of the voltage sensor, so the voltage sensor of this principle has a natural shielding against high-frequency harmonics. It shows good adaptability in a large number of practical applications. It is very important to monitor the battery pack effectively and reliably. For the monitoring of group voltage, the battery voltage sensor has unique special advantages, which can be very convenient to use in the measurement environment with high interference.

    Existing reviews of Voltage Sensor for DC Bidirectional Voltage, Power Supply 12V/15V/24V
    The limits of voltage sensor
    I have the bidirectional voltage sensor to measure 500V DC to 500V DC and output 5 to 5V DC signal via DAC. It requires a power supply of 24V DC.
    My question is, what are the limits of this spec I have a 24V DC PSU that outputs 27V DC, will that work?
    From: doro | Date: 19/07/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The positive and negative deviation of the power supply does not exceed 10%, so 27V cannot be used as a power supply, and the voltage is a little higher.
    I’d like to request a quote for voltage sensor
    Hello, I’d like to request a quote for the following parts.
    QTY 10 of ATO-VOS-BDC1000, ± 100mV DC input, 4-20mA output
    QTY 4 of ATO-VOS-ADC500, 0-5V DC input, 4-20mA output.
    Please do not include taxes on the quote, as the purchase is being made by a Federal Agency.
    From: crane | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Regarding ±100mV DC input, 4-20mA output, you can choose ATO-WBV153S01, the output signal selection is 12mA ± 8mA (remark when placing an order), and 4mA-12mA output represents negative input, 12mA-20mA output represents positive input.
    2. You can choose ATO-WBV122S01 on our website, please refer to the link:
    3. The lead time is about 12 days.
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