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    AC/DC High Voltage Sensor 1500V/2000V, Hall Effect, AC/DC 50mA Output

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    Hall effect voltage sensor is a high voltage sensor with a measuring range from AC/DC 1500V to 2000V, output signal AC/DC ±50mA, work temperature -25~+70℃ and protection class IP20. AC/DC Hall effect voltage sensor has the hermetically sealed structure and can be used in harsh conditions.
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    AC/DC Hall effect voltage sensor has measuring range of AC/DC 1500V to 2000V.


    Model ATO-WBV023YB08-DD ATO-WBV023YB08-SS
    Shipping weight 1.5kg
    Measuring range of input voltage * AC/DC 0-1500V ~ 0-2000V
    Working range AC/DC 0-2000V ~ 0-3000V
    Turns ratio of coil * 10000:3000, 10000:2000
    Coil impedance 1.8kΩ+R1 (primary external resistance)
    Zero current offset When primary voltage VN=0, maximum value: ±0.3mA
    Output signal * DC 50mA AC/DC ±50mA
    Power supply * DC 24V DC ±12V, ±15V
    Accuracy 1.0%F.S.
    Linearity ≤0.1%
    Load impedance 150Ω
    Response time ≤200μs
    Temperature drift of current offset <±0.3mA, maximum value: ±0.5mA
    Power consumption current 10mA+IM (measuring current)
    Isolation features Isolation between input, output and power supply Isolation between input and output, output terminals provides power supply
    Isolation voltage Between the primary and secondary circuit: RMS 10kV, 50Hz, 1min
    Work temperature -25~+70℃
    Storage temperature -40~+85℃
    Frequency band DC ~5kHz
    Mean time between failures >50000h
    Housing material Fire-retardant ABS
    Wiring Terminal connection
    Installation Screw fixation

    Hall effect voltage sensor AC/DC 1500V to 2000V dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    AC/DC Hall effect high voltage sensor 1500V/2000V dimension
    Hall effect voltage sensor AC/DC 1500V to 2000V wiring diagram:
    AC/DC Hall effect high voltage sensor 1500V/2000V wiring
    Tips: What is the working principle of Hall effect voltage sensor?

    The Hall effect voltage sensor uses Hall effect to pass the primary voltage through an external or built-in resistor to limit the current to 10mA. After this current passes through multiple turns of winding, the magnetic field, which is generated through a magnetic material, will be detected by the Hall element in the air gap, and the corresponding electromotive force is induced. The electromotive force is adjusted by the circuit and fed back to the compensation coil to compensate. The magnetic flux generated by the compensation coil and the primary current (The measured voltage is generated by current limiting resistor.) the generated magnetic flux is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, thus keeping the magnetic flux in the magnetic core to be zero. In fact, the Hall voltage sensor uses the same technology as the magnetic balance closed-loop Hall effect current sensor, that is, the zero flux Hall current sensor.

    Existing reviews of AC/DC High Voltage Sensor 1500V/2000V, Hall Effect, AC/DC 50mA Output
    I thought of your voltage sensor
    I have come up with your product below:
    Voltage Sensor
    Though, I have 2 questions:
    1) I see there are several inputs for voltage from 0V – 1000V. My first question is how can I select a range of fe150V?
    In such case, what will the accuracy at low voltages fe 4V (I need accuracy of 2 decimals)?
    Is there an option to switch between 2 ranges in one single sensor?
    2) If I adjust the output range to 0-10V (this is my acceptable PLC input), what will be the output in case of reverse polarity connection? I really want to avoid a negative signal on my PLC input.
    From: Meghanb | Date: 22/09/2021
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    ATO Responded
    1. Select required measuring range as you like from the pull down menu seen on the web site, and accuracy is: 0.2%F.S.
    No option is to switch between 2 ranges in one single sensor.
    2. This is a DC voltage sensor, so the input voltage cannot reverse polarity connection, otherwise it may cause damage to the sensor.
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